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Micro barbell for ear piercing (316L steel, crystal snowflake)
Micro barbell for ear piercing (316L steel, crystal snowflake)
Приобрела микроштангу для пирсинга уха стальную с кристальной снежинкой, и она стала моим спасением в жаркий летний день! Кто бы мог подумать, что такая крошечная снежинка сможет создать ощущение прохлады!!! Кристальная снежинка - блеск и изящество. Лёгкая, прочная и невероятно красивая — идеально д..
Microbar for ear piercing (steel 316L-PVD, three star cluster)
Microbar for ear piercing (steel 316L-PVD, three star cluster)
Недавно приобрела микроштангу для пирсинга уха из стали и меди с кластером три звезды и осталась очень довольна. Качество материала на высоте. Дизайн с тремя звёздами выглядит стильно и необычно, добавляя изюминку в повседневный образ. Легко вставляется и держится крепко. Рекомендую всем любителям..
Micro piercing bar (316L steel, PVD, bar with crystals)
Micro piercing bar (316L steel, PVD, bar with crystals)
Очень понравилась микроштанга, камушки играют на солнце, идеально села в хряще как на фото...
Earring in cartilage steel with gilding strap with crystals
Earring in cartilage steel with gilding strap with crystals
Очень красивая сережка, камушки круто переливаются, села идеально в хрящ как на картинке...

Everything for piercing in Caflon online store

You are a cosmetologist who wants to offer clients an ear piercing service, but does not know where to buy jewelry or an ear piercing gun? Or do you need to buy earrings for medical steel ear piercings that most clients would love?

Or maybe you are a piercing master and you constantly need high-quality piercing earrings? Then you have come to the right place!Internet shop piercing (Ukraine) CAFLON is a specialized site for the sale of earrings for piercing and ear piercing from the English brand CAFLON, as well as piercing tools and materials for eyelash extensions.

What kind of piercing tools and eyelash extension materials do we offer?

First of all, we are official representatives in Ukraine of TM CAFLON - an English brand that is mega-popular among professional cosmetologists in Europe for over 35 years! That is how long the founders of the company produce and improve for you:

  • ear piercing guns;
  • ear piercing earrings;
  • earrings with Swarovski crystals;
  • earrings for ears of various shapes made of medical steel (rings, studs, balls).

Why do we recommend buying an ear piercing gun from TM CAFLON?

The main advantage of the brand are professional ear piercing tools - Caflon Gold ear piercing guns, and Caflon Safe Tech silent ear piercing guns for children. With them you can pierce the client's ears:

  • For 1 second!
  • Without pain!
  • Without blood!
  • Children - no harsh and scary sounds!
  • Immediately inserting into the ear a beautiful earring made of medical steel.

Buying an ear piercing gun manufactured by TM CAFLON means that you will secure a flow of customers to piercing earlobes for many years to come. They come again and bring their friends only to professional craftsmen who care about the comfort and safety of their customers. Beyond goods TM CAFLON, we offer to buy:

  • piercing earrings (rings, balls, rods, tunnels, snags - more than 1000 items!);
  • piercing tools (needles, catheters, plugs);
  • eyelash extension materials (glue, eyelash bundles, eyelashes, extension kits TM ARDELL).

What are famous for stud earrings, studs, kulchiki, rings TM CAFLON?

  • made of medical steel;
  • do not cause allergic reactions and inflammation after ear piercing or piercing of the navel, lip, nose, tongue, etc.;
  • suitable for piercing children's ears;
  • hermetically packed in pairs or encapsulated one at a time;
  • allow you to independently restore a slightly “overgrown” puncture (stud earrings for piercing ears, studs, kulchiki);
  • suitable for people prone to allergies to "base" metals.

Earrings are used not only for ear piercing, but also for everyday wear. An added bonus is the secure clasp, preventing carnations from falling out.

Earring in the navel, lip, tongue, nose produced by TM CAFLON - comfort, reliability, hypoallergenicity

Only in our online store you can buy earrings for any type of piercing! You don't have to waste your time trying to find an earring that matches other piercings or earring. We can choose how a suitable single piece of jewelry, or buy a set of earrings for various types of piercings that perfectly complement each other.

Assistance in care after ear piercing or piercing

For quick and safe healing of ear piercings or piercings, we offer effective TM CAFLON products. Clients will be relieved of problems with a puncture, and the beautician who performed the procedure will gain fame a person "with a light hand" and "positive" energy, which will increase the flow of customers to him.

All products are offered both in bulk and retail for personal use..

Eyelash extension courses, piercing and ear piercing courses in Kyiv

We also invite everyone who wants to learn how to pierce, pierce their ears, or grow eyelashes on their own and earn good money on this, take eyelash extension courses or piercing courses in Kyiv from our Internet piercing shop (Ukraine). Details about the cost of studying on courses, as well as certificates after their completion, can be Learn more on the Piercing Training page.