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Eyelash extension bundles TM Ardell

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The famous TM Ardell has become a favorite brand of movie stars and their famous stylists. A huge variety of false eyelashes in bunches of different sizes and lengths helps to create completely unique images, sometimes completely transforming a person's appearance. Despite the established opinion that eyelashes should be very long, real life makes its corrections and thick but short eyelashes look better with a certain type of appearance. Or vice versa, the structure of the face requires making them as long as possible, almost doll-like.

Therefore, the variety of different lengths, thicknesses and volume of the eyelash bundle gives an opportunity to buy the most appropriate ones in a specific situation.

At Ardell in Ukraine and Kyiv, you can buy bunched eyelashes for the following types of extensions:

  • short;
  • average;
  • long;
  • individual;
  • combined

The bunches themselves are on sale knotless and knotted. Ardell false eyelash kits are also different. Among them there is both a maximum value and a mini.

What are the features of Ardell bundled eyelashes

  • designed for long-term wear, at least 6 weeks;
  • have water-repellent properties;
  • look natural;
  • created virtually weightless, so they do not burden the eyelid;
  • can be used both in the salon and at home;
  • conveniently packed.

As for the additional properties of these false eyelashes, it is impossible not to say about their silkiness, optimal softness and shine, similar to natural hair.

An additional advantage of Ardell is that the company produces a whole line of means for building up. Therefore, you can buy not only eyelashes, but also glue or remover for the brand of the same name. Using all means in a complex, you will get an ideal result based on unsurpassed quality, which is not so often found in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Buy eyelashes for extensions, bundles of TM Ardell eyelashes

You can buy bundles of Ardell eyelashes in Kyiv in our online store. Price, reviews, the largest selection of eyelashes.

False eyelashes in bundles are a great alternative for fans of the American Ardell brand. Eyelash extensions with bundles look the most natural with the use of Ardell eyelash bundles. Ardel eyelashes are recognized as the best eyelashes among star make-up artists. How to glue eyelashes in bunches, instructions on each photo of eyelashes. Ardell eyelash bundles are so natural and weightless that you will forget that they are artificial almost immediately after application, and thanks to their excellent water-repellent properties, you can wear them for up to 6 weeks in a row!

WARNING! Be careful when buying Ardell eyelashes, the original eyelashes have the packaging as in the photo in our online store. Our company is the exclusive distributor of the Ardell brand in Ukraine and fully guarantees the originality and quality of each package of Ardell eyelashes.