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For all lovers of piercings and piercers, our store offers a huge range of various jewelry in Cherkasy and Cherkasy region. In the catalog you will see and be able to buy piercing earrings of any size, shape and color. Tens of thousands of models are presented to your attention, among which there is sure to be a product that will not leave you indifferent.

Here you will find:

  • ear earrings, including jewelry for cartilage, helix, lobe, etc.;
  • nostrils, septum and other products for nose piercing;
  • bananas, rings, rods in the navel, eyebrow and for other types of piercing;
  • microdermals, hards, tunnels, plugs and much more.

Whatever type of body modification you are thinking about, we already have earrings for this!

In addition to jewelry, in the online store you can buy:

  • ear piercing guns "Caflon" of several types;
  • nose piercing systems;
  • needles, catheters and other consumables;
  • needle earrings for self-piercing of the earlobe or wing of the nose.

The catalog has everything that is necessary or may be needed in order to make the piercing in Cherkasy safe and painless.

Brand jewelry for piercing in Cherkasy: high quality, hypoallergenic, inexpensive

In accordance with European standards, the English brand Caflon produces all piercing earrings from:

  • medical steel, also called surgical or jewelry gold;
  • bioplast - the most biocompatible polymer with the human body;
  • titanium, which is not only incredibly strong, but also does not enter into chemical reactions with the human body.

Therefore, we can buy harmless jewelry for piercing that will not harm allergy sufferers and people with extremely sensitive skin.

As for the price, it is the minimum for such products. As an official representative of the Caflon brand, our online store receives goods directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, the price remains low. Regarding the quality, it meets the most stringent requirements of the European Union, since the same piercing earrings are sold in London, Paris, Kyiv and Cherkassy.