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Means for care after ear piercing, navel, nose, lip piercing

Otrimavshi dovgoochіkuvanu embellishment of the body, do not forget about the care of the piercing after the puncture. Miraculously aware of the possible problems with an unfinished puncture, the Caflon company has developed special tools for catching after a puncture or any other type of piercing. It will come to children, and we will grow up.

In the middle of the gel, or the difference after the puncture can be called:

  • accelerated burning and tissue regeneration;
  • ignite;
  • disinfection for piercing the ear and piercing of the navel, nose, tongue, ruin it too.

Buy the best price after a puncture in Ukraine - choose the gel from the Caflon company

The distribution of "Caflon" is given to the most effective results after being pierced with a pistol, the carnations of "Caflon" were especially victorious. Oskіlki vyrobnik povnіstyu vpevneniy їhnіy gipoallergennostі, kostі medіnії ї ї і, zakої stink prepared, sterility packaging, then with the maximum accuracy you can predict the swidkіstі і zagoєnnya and the result of zastosuvannya.

Well, it’s worth it to the piercing, which requires a more serious look after the puncture. More trivaly period of congestion during piercing due to the fact that a piercing and an earring are constantly indicative of a negative positive influx. For example, an earring in the navel often comes into contact with clothing, and the piercing of the lips of the tongue is regularly pierced even with water.

For this reason, be it any kind of piercing, beat for zasіb «Caflon», which helps to calm the fabric, to remove the puncture, disinfect the earring and tease the pins.