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Ear piercing gun Caflon Blu with individual tips

Model: cs-1216-fp
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This lobe piercing equipment is an improved version of the classic pistol. Caflon Blu works with individual nozzles for each earring. They are included in the set of earrings intended for this model, and until the moment the package is opened, they are in a completely sterile space.

Features of the Kaflon Blue ear piercing gun:

  • reliable and comfortable to use design of the device;
  • simultaneous creation of a piercing, putting on an earring and its fixation with a clasp;
  • individual, removable nozzles for placing the "body" of jewelry and fasteners;
  • guarantee of sterility;
  • lack of interaction between the master's hands and the earrings.

Principle of operation

Take the Caflon Blu gun out of the case, move the "shutter" to the maximum. That's it, the system is ready for charging. To do this, unpack the earrings, take out a personal disposable nest and insert it into the "muzzle".

Then install a special fastener for fastening. After that, pull out the earrings themselves, which are placed on a special panel. With its help, you install earrings and a clasp. The shape of the cartridges is adjusted in such a way that the decoration and its retainer fall into place spontaneously, without the intervention of human fingers.

After wearing the desired number of earrings on the client, all attachments are removed and thrown away. Another feature of the Caflon Blu ear piercing gun that we offer to buy is that the pin of the earring is clearly visible, so there is no risk of missing it. Also, the equipment is fully protected against accidental activation. That is, it does not "shoot" with a light touch to the "cock".

Variants of configuration of Kaflon pistols

You can choose from 3 types of sets:

  • mini - only necessary to start work;
  • copper - extended offer;
  • maxi - it includes everything you need for a quality piercing: a piercing system, a marker, several healing lotions, antiseptic wipes and 24 pairs of earrings.

For those who decide to buy a Caflon Blu ear piercing gun, a bonus is provided: a Caflon brand poster, an exhibition stand for cloves (an earring of needles). In addition, the equipment is packed in a branded case, which will prove to the customers of your salon that you work only with original products.

Operating characteristics

The Caflon puncture gun belongs to the reusable systems, designed for a long service life and regular use. Its shape, in particular the handle, is long enough to avoid touching the visitor's skin. The "arrow" component is also designed to avoid contact. The metal parts are made of medical stainless steel, and the plastic nozzles are made of hypoallergenic polymers. Jewelry material: biocompatible steel, titanium. PVD sputtering of gold and other precious metals is possible. The price of the Kaflon gun varies depending on the completeness of the set and the included accessories, but in any case it remains affordable even for a novice beautician.