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Expansion ring with segment ball (steel 316L, PVD)


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Ring with segment:
Cartilage puncture:
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Expansion ring with segment ball (steel 316L, PVD)

Expansion ring with a ball segment, gold-plated steel, can be used for ear, eyebrow, navel, intimate and other piercings - price per piece.
  • Material: 316L medical steel, durable yellow PVD coating.
  • Select the size of the ring with a ball in the option.

The expansion ring for piercing with a ball segment is put on by extension, the ball is removable.

Unleash your style: an elegant and durable ring with a special coating.

Sliding ideal: Segment ball ensures unhindered release

Do you need a ring that combines sophistication and functionality? Our segment ball release ring is the perfect choice. Made from high quality 316L steel and coated with a PVD technological layer, this ring impresses with its durability and unique aesthetics. The ball-segment built into the ring guarantees easy and smooth size adjustment. Every movement is a moment of pleasure from the precision of the mechanism.

Update your look: Style between classic and modern

This ring is not just an accessory. It is an expression of your style, a unique touch that you add to your look. Thanks to the perfect combination of traditional design and innovative technology, it fits into any dressing style. Maintain elegance in any situation, whether attending important events or simply enjoying everyday life.

Graceful Appearance: Exquisite beauty of 316L steel and perfect PVD coating

Resilience and finesse are the main features of our segment ball release ring. Constructed with high quality 316L steel, this ring is incredibly durable and resistant to any impact. Add to this the PVD technological coating, which not only adds aesthetics, but also guarantees durability without changing the color scheme.

Your own taste: PVD coating for your unique style

Individuality is in the details. Our ring amazes not only with its design, but also with its variety of colors. Choose the one that suits your style: classic steel, elegant black or stylish gold. Each option is a separate masterpiece that will add brightness and sophistication to your image.

Specifications Expansion ring with segment ball (steel 316L, PVD)
Product type
Ring with segment
Piercing at the puncture site
Cartilage puncture
Eyebrow piercing
Lip piercing
Base material
Medical steel 316L biocompatible
Product coating
Durable PVD coating
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
For 1 piece
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Отличное качество колечка с сегментом, хорошо сделано, доставили в день заказа.
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Уважаемый покупатель, Благодарим вас за ваш отзыв о нашем товаре! Мы рады, что вам понравилось качество колечка с сегментом, а также что доставка была выполнена в удобное для вас время. Мы всегда стараемся делать покупки у нас приятными и беззаботными для наших клиентов. Еще раз спасибо за выбор нашего магазина! Будем рады видеть вас снова. С уважением, Администрация Caflon.ua