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Banana piercing (316L-PVD steel, 5 zircon crystal cluster)


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  • По Україні на відділення – 60 – 80 грн.

Доставка Укрпоштою (Середа):

  • По Україні від 40 грн.
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Navel piercing:
Use after complete healing of the puncture:
Medical steel 316L biocompatible:
Cubic zirconium (cubic zirconia):
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Banana piercing (316L-PVD steel, 5 zircon crystal cluster)

Banana piercing with external thread barbell made of high quality medical steel and decoration, curved decor cluster of five zircons in the prong - price per piece.


  • Material: medical high-quality steel 316L, durable PVD coating.
  • Size: diameter 1.6 mm, length 10 mm, decor 22 mm.
  • Color: yellow (golden).
  • Wrap ball: 5 mm.
  • Fastening type: external rod thread.


  • Easy to unscrew and tighten.
  • Wear-resistant material.
  • Does not change color upon contact with water.
  • Safe for health.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Classic unisex style.
  • Use after complete healing.

Steel banana for piercing with cluster decor, a symbol of courage and style, with a reliable twist, the 5 mm ball is convenient to unscrew and twist, very stylish and comfortable - an excellent choice for the younger generation. A universal banana for piercing provides maximum comfort throughout the day, is suitable as an adornment for every day, complements any look, and is suitable for different age categories. This accessory will not only emphasize your uniqueness, but also create a mysterious image.

You can purchase a banana for piercing with a curved crystal cluster decor at an affordable price and with delivery throughout Ukraine by placing an order on our website.

Specifications Banana piercing (316L-PVD steel, 5 zircon crystal cluster)
Piercing at the puncture site
Navel piercing
Features of piercing at the puncture site
Use after complete healing of the puncture
Base material
Medical steel 316L biocompatible
Decoration material
Cubic zirconium (cubic zirconia)
Product coating
Durable PVD coating
Clasp (thread)
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
For 1 piece
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