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Buying piercing jewelry in Kherson and Kherson region has never been so cheap! Brand store TM

Caflon (England) offers hundreds of thousands of models of earrings for any kind of piercing.

You can buy from us:

  • earrings for ear piercing (lobe, cartilage, helix, industrial, etc.);
  • nose (wing, septum, bridge of the nose);
  • language;
  • lips;
  • cheeks;
  • brows;
  • nipples;
  • intimate places;
  • microdermals for any part of the body.

Our range includes earrings for the first piercing, needle earrings for putting on without a gun, systems and guns for piercing the earlobe and nose wing. Everything that is used by piercers in their work is in the presented catalog.

Behind the piercing in "Kaflon"

The Caflon brand professes many principles and is accustomed to work according to the standards of the European Union. Therefore, all of its products undergo multi-level certification, which concerns not only the quality of the materials used, but also the anatomical shape of the jewelry and the safety of the functioning of pistols, systems and consumables (needles, catheters, healing agents, etc.).

Therefore, piercings are made exclusively from biocompatible and hypoallergenic metals, alloys or polymers.

So all our earrings are made from:

  • medical (surgical, jewelry) steel;
  • titanium;
  • bioplast.

Among the new products, the most fashionable models of the 2018-2019 season are on display, but there are also types of products that are timeless and fashionable, as they are absolute classics. Similar ones can be seen on Hollywood or European pop stars, famous top models go to shows with them.

But there are also absolutely exclusive branded piercing earrings that you will not find in the collections of other manufacturers. What is surprising is that the company does not “drive” prices, but prefers to keep them at a minimum level.

Buy piercing in Kherson: prices and selection will pleasantly surprise you

We already have all types and variants of jewelry, even those that have only been heard about in Ukraine. We are able to meet the most sophisticated and creative requirements of customers, providing them not only with the necessary earrings, but also with their individual parts. That is, you can buy a base piercing (anchor) and a separate wrap (a hat that serves as an ornament) from us. True, if you are going to do this out of savings, then after looking through our catalog, you will understand that this is not necessary, since our prices are really low, and besides, promotions and discounts are constantly held.