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Exclusive piercing: titanium. Unique, safe, original jewelry

Jewelry for piercings is very diverse. Manufacturers manage to create whole works of art from small earrings. Medical steel allowed designers not to refuse anything and fully indulge in fantasy. After all, it is inexpensive, always in great demand.

But then titanium appeared and became a real find for fans of exclusive piercings.

Unique titanium earrings

Using this material is already 50% successful. The metal has a unique shade, which immediately gives the jewelry in the piercing a rich and at the same time mysterious look. It is difficult to confuse it with steel, silver or platinum, it is so powerful and mysterious.

But in order to diversify the earrings, PVD spraying is also used. With its help, a truly exclusive piercing is created, because titanium turned out to be the most susceptible to coating. As a result, you can buy pierced earrings:

  • any color;
  • in the form of a combination of colors;
  • a magical interweaving of golden, silver and practically white metal;
  • black prominent models.

The use of rhinestones, Swarovski crystals will further diversify the assortment and give the products absolute uniqueness. These are inlays in the form of flowers, petals, geometric shapes or laying on a ring rim. But the exclusivity is most clearly manifested when animal figurines, outlines of plants, silhouettes of people are used.

Therefore, our Kaflon online store offers

Buy a unique, exclusive titanium piercing

In the catalog you will see:

  • single and double rings, decorated with stones, engraving, lace or forged ornament;
  • nostrils, labrets, stud earrings with shiny crystals and additional stylish decor;
  • bars with chic twists and industrial fantastic design, because the lightness of titanium allowed them to be more and fancifully designed;
  • horseshoes, bananas, made in bold, creative solutions.

Light weight and incredible strength of the material made it possible to implement any ideas in the form of ultra-thin rings, visually massive pendants on piercing earrings and voluminous "shields" in the navel. So if you want to buy an exclusive jewelry for piercing, now it's easy.

Exclusive and Kaflon online store are practically synonymous

Only the most stylish, fashionable and high-quality products are selected in our collection. In this section of the catalog, we offer titanium earrings of an original design, suitable both for the first piercing and for a completely healed one. Despite the high-quality manufacturing material, the price remains affordable so that people of any income level can purchase the piercing. Exclusive jewelry has never been sold so cheap!