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Piercing tools

We realize the dreams of piercing masters: any tools for piercing salons

The well-being of a modern piercing salon depends on the quality of the equipment (tools) used. This is an axiom! You can be the best piercer, but if you run out of piercing needles in a sterile package or you don't unpack the needle with the catheter in front of the client, he will run away. And this is the most favorable way out of the situation, because otherwise, at the slightest inflammation and problem with a puncture, you will simply be condemned.

Even without going to extremes, we can say that if you do not buy an exhibition display for piercing earrings (Ukraine), the vast majority of customers will not be able to evaluate the offered jewelry, will want to "think" and visit other salons or stores. Maybe those earrings will be of the worst quality, but thanks to the winning presentation, they will buy them.

Therefore, the online store "Caflon" offers to buy all the necessary piercing tools in sufficient quantity, different models and at a loyal price, available both for individual masters and for salons.

What piercing tools can be bought from us (Ukraine):

  • needles in a set or in individual packaging;
  • piercing needles with a catheter;
  • clip for piercing rings;
  • universal piercing clip;
  • display for piercing earrings in the navel, eyebrow, tongue, nose and others;
  • a tube stand for needles;
  • opening for rings;
  • nose piercing system (several options);
  • complete set for piercing;
  • earrings for piercing (made of different materials).

All tools are made of medical steel, which guarantees their reliability and durability. In addition, they will not cause allergic reactions in customers, which will have a positive effect on the quality of work and the number of positive reviews.

FAQ : Piercing tools

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