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How to properly care for a lip piercing: action plan

How to care for a lip piercing: action plan

The main difficulty in caring for a lip piercing lies in the fact that it connects the “external” and “internal” surfaces of the body. That is, the skin on the face and the mucous membrane of the mouth are pierced. Therefore, you will have to use different products to care for each piercing on your lip.

How to wash and how to disinfect a lip piercing

If you decide to get a piercing in the mouth area, be sure to find out how to care for a lip piercing. By strictly adhering to the care recommendations, you will avoid complications and help the tissues recover faster.

 How to wash and how to disinfect a lip piercing

Lip piercing care must be carried out throughout the entire healing period . The first 2 weeks will be the most difficult. They often promote noticeable weight loss. Can you guess why? After each meal you will have to rinse your mouth, and with special rinses. Even when you ate candy or a berry. But doctors do not recommend using antibacterial drugs for the mouth more than 3 times a day, as this will negatively affect the microflora of the oral cavity.

So the less you eat, the less hassle.

Instructions for caring for your pierced lip

So, how to care for a lip piercing? For 14 days, be sure to wash the puncture with saline solution 2 times a day. There are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. Make baths: pour the solution into a clean container and immerse the pierced lip in it for a few minutes.
  2. Use a “shower”: draw liquid into a syringe and pour it over the puncture site. Take 5 cubes or more so that the solution flows and does not ooze.

  • We separate the softened crust with a cotton swab.
  • We wash off the remaining saline solution with a syringe with boiled water.
  • Apply a compress with an antiseptic to the outer hole (do not put it inside!) for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash, which you buy at the pharmacy. It should not contain fragrances, extracts or alcohol.

After 2 weeks, replace the saline solution with saline or soap solution. If everything goes according to plan, then cleaning can be done once a day.

 Instructions for caring for a pierced lip

For those who have a labret installed, after 3 weeks it you need to replace it with a shorter one if you value your teeth. But this should not be done with your own hands, but by turning to a master.

What you will have to give up for a few weeks

  • Spicy, salty, sour and other foods that irritate the mucous membrane are not for you yet. Also, switch to liquid and soft foods. “Biteing into the prey” is highly discouraged;
  • No kissing, much less intimate caresses where the mouth is involved;
  • Teeth cleaning at the dentist will leave an unforgettable experience, so you should wait;
  • The ban includes lipstick and other cosmetics that are used not only on the lips themselves, but also in close proximity to them;
  • The solarium, sauna, and swimming pool also go on the “stop list” at this time.

What you'll have to give up for a few weeks

We hope you don't need to remind , that it is prohibited to twist the decoration, remove it or replace it with another.

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