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Buy jewelry for piercings in Zaporizhzhia: very inexpensive, high-quality, fashionable

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Do you want to create the most advanced and fashionable image in Zaporozhye or Zaporozhye region? Then the online store "Kaflon" is for you! After all, here you can buy piercing jewelry of any style, pierced earrings of the desired color, configuration or type. And at an incredibly low price.

Given that we regularly hold promotions, discount and bonus programs, the initially low cost becomes frankly ridiculous.

How to choose a piercing earring in Kaflon.

For your convenience, the entire catalog is divided into sections according to the puncture site. In each separate category, you will see only jewelry suitable for this piercing, which will significantly speed up and facilitate the choice. If you are interested in a specific model, then you can use the filter, selecting the product by type, material, shade and even design. The most popular earrings in Zaporozhye usually include:

  • labret, rod, microbar;
  • banana, microbanan, "shield";
  • carnations, needles, studs;
  • clicker, septum, microdermal;
  • nostril, ring, twister;
  • kaffa, stretching, tunnels, rod bar.

Most of the products are quite universal, they fit in the lip, in the cartilage of the ear or nose, in the navel, tongue or eyebrow.

Exclusive quality and safe materials

The importance of quality workmanship for piercing jewelry is difficult to overestimate. Not only a new, but also a healed puncture requires the absolute smoothness of the rod, the reliability of the fastener and the complete fixation of the wrap. Therefore, we carefully check incoming products to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Safety and the absence of harmful elements are also fundamental points. So here you will find earrings only from harmless materials that are unable to cause allergic reactions or irritation:

  • bioplast;
  • titanium;
  • surgical steel.

Maximum design variety

In Zaporozhye, and even more so in the entire region, there are a huge number of people with different tastes and preferences. Understanding this, we have tried to cover the entire range of existing styles so that you can buy piercing jewelry that differs fundamentally. Therefore, along with the "golden classics", youth, the most advanced models are presented.

There are also a number of controversial, provocative solutions for bold and liberated piercers. Inexpensive piercing jewelry is the most cost-effective way to an extraordinary image!