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Labret 1.2 mm (titanium, marquise 7, emerald, Rc thread)

Labret 1.2 mm (titanium, marquise 7, emerald, Rc thread)

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  • По Україні на відділення – 60 – 80 грн.

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  • По Україні від 40 грн.
  • Brand: Steel-Evolution
  • Product Code: lt-26w-5
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Labret 1.2 mm (titanium, marquise 7, emerald, Rc thread)

Piercing labret made of hypoallergenic titanium ASTM F-136 and marquise decoration with 7 emerald crystals, mini barbell with internal thread - price per piece.
  • Material: hypoallergenic titanium ASTM F-136, green Swarovski emerald crystals.
  • Size: rod diameter 1.2 mm, base 4 mm.
  • Rod length: 6 mm (internal thread).
  • Decoration: 13*7 mm.

With our titanium awning labret with 7 green Swarovski crystals, you can add a unique touch to your look.

This elegant labret will not only attract attention with its shine, but will also provide comfort and safety thanks to internal threads and high-quality titanium material.

Immerse yourself in a world of style and elegance with our unique Swarovski marquise piercing labret.

Style and elegance in every detail

This labret piercing perfectly combines style and elegance.

Made from high quality titanium, it is extremely strong and durable, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

A special highlight of this labret is the marquise decoration, created from 7 brilliant Swarovski crystals.

These crystals attract attention with their sparkle and add charm to your look, thanks to the internal threads, this labret attaches easily and safely to your piercing, providing stability and comfort.

Radiance that attracts attention

If you are looking for something special and unique, this labret will amaze with its shine.

The Swarovski crystals used in the jewelry are known for their unsurpassed quality and brilliance.

The bright colors of the crystals give them a special charm, creating a harmonious combination of colors.

This labret will highlight your individuality and special taste, causing the admiration of everyone who meets your gaze.

Comfort and safety come first

We understand that comfort and safety are a priority when choosing a labret piercing.

That's why this titanium labret has internal threads allowing it to be easily and securely secured in place.

You can be sure that he will not introduce himself even during active activity.

In addition, titanium is a hypoallergenic material, making this labret an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

You can enjoy the stylish look of this labret without compromising on comfort and safety.

Specifications Labret 1.2 mm (titanium, marquise 7, emerald, Rc thread)
Product type
Piercing at the puncture site
Cartilage puncture
Ear piercing
Features of piercing at the puncture site
For primary piercing (first piercing)
Base material
Titanium hypoallergenic
Decoration material
Crystal (Swarovski)
Clasp (thread)
Needle diameter most suitable for puncture
Needles with a diameter of 1.2 mm
Needles with a diameter of 1.6 mm
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
For 1 piece
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