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Gel technology

Gel technology nail growth

High-yielding Nubar gel of a new generation. Appropriate for modeling on forms, tips, for emphasizing natural nails. A classic three-phase gel that self-cures, with a low amount of photoinitiators, does not fade to a change in color, does not fade the liver, after an hour of polymerization in a UV lamp, cast when the nails are weakened, do not smell. When sawing off, the number of saws is insignificant. Easy to apply, stable, plastic. An hour of polymerization in a UV lamp is 3-5 times, for more intense views, an hour can be increased to 7-10 times.

Gel technology from Nubar

Gel overgrowth (gel technology) is up to date. You can buy gel for extension from our online store. Gel for nails Nubar may not be packed properly, which will help you to see the gel, as well as the sprat. To make your manicure easier, we recommend buying sets for extension with Nubar gel with a discount of -20%.

We recommend everything for gel nail extension , as well as supporting materials: brushes for gel extension, LED and UV lamps, files and a lot more, which can be a good time for a manicure master in a beauty salon. You can submit our materials with delivery to the salon in Kiev and Ukraine by New Post. Also, you can come and buy in our store in Kiev everything for growing Nubar nails at the prices indicated on the website. Our technologist will help you choose everything you need for nail extension at an affordable price, show you the best nail extension with gel and give the necessary recommendations.

Gels Nubar - the best gels for building nails! Nubar presents extension gels in 22 countries of the world. The best technologists win world championships and competitions for design and modeling nails with gel on Nubar extension materials.