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Banana (classic)

Kaflon online store offers banana earrings for piercing in Ukraine. This type of earrings is used very widely, that is, it is suitable for any piercing that allows bending.

What is a banana - a piercing earring

A classic product is a curved bar. A ball or other decoration is fixed on one end of it, and a special, removable screw on the other. The earrings got their name due to the shape of the curve, reminiscent of a classic banana. Since their appearance, these earrings have been repeatedly modified and changed, but in this section of the catalog, a selection of exclusively classic earrings has been made.

Buy a banana piercing in Ukraine (Kyiv).

Let's dwell in more detail on why such an earring is suitable. Definitely for belly button piercings. But that's not all. It can often be seen in piercing jewelry:

  • Eyebrows;
  • Lips;
  • Rook or Snag ear cartilage;
  • For female genital piercing.

Banana "according to the classics"

The versatility of classic banana earrings was appreciated already in the 90s of the last century, when navel piercing began to gain truly fantastic momentum. In those days, any piercing was treated with some caution, it was considered exclusively the prerogative of the underground. Therefore, it did not suit "decent" people. And then the navel piercing appeared, which only its owners and those to whom they wanted to show it knew about. Parents of teenagers who received such an ornament were, as usual, the last to learn about it.

The "wall" of silence and mystery was broken by the super models of that time: Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington, who "lit up" bananas in their navels during high fashion shows. And the final recognition was gained thanks to the ultra-popular group of the 90s "Aerosmith" and the star of their music videos, Alicia Silverstone. Since then, most people associate all piercing earrings with bananas. A little later, this model began to be used to decorate eyebrows and lips. In ear cartilage piercing, they appeared much later, however, as well as the corresponding puncture.

Now you can buy a banana for piercing in Ukraine and Kyiv of any type and type, including maxi and mini bananas. But for the first piercing, we recommend buying the classic model.