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Carnation earrings

Carnation earrings are one of the most popular embellishments. They are worn by people and women, children and adults. Raznomanіtnіst models not pіddaєtsya rahunka, oskolki earring can be absolutely any size, color and design. Combine them more than one:
  • a small, straight pin enters at the puncture;
  • fixed with a vibrating fastening.

And then the rampage of fantasy begins. The metal part is made from titanium and surgical steel, jewelry gold. The color of the metal is hoped to be practical, but the main ones are important:

  • pіd srіblo;
  • pіd gold;
  • steel;
  • black chi black.

The embellishment, placed on the carnation, is like a fixed, so it is a part that freely collapses. Classical stud earrings make a small barbell, full face like hard fastenings. Crystals, stones, metal bags, cones, etc. sound at the design. The droplet of the earring does not cross the area of the lobe.

Let's decorate with a split to go for a long time and that great carnation earrings. The stench is shocked by the magnitude of the obvious pidviska. The pendant is closed in such a way that in Russia it would sway, spin, ring, etc. Dovzhina was not surrounded by anything.

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