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A few years ago, it was possible to buy cafe earrings in Ukraine only in certain groups of social networks, and even then, only a few models were offered to choose from. At that time, they were brought from Asian countries, so there is no need to talk about the quality of the products.

If we dwell on their subject matter, then these were actually one dragon, the size of the entire auricle. This is where miracles began! To buy something, they bought a cuff earring, only designed for an Eastern, not a European ear. As you may have guessed, they just had. Since then, there has been a prejudice that only owners of small ears can wear such an ornament.

But some 5-6 years have passed and everything has changed dramatically. In any case, judging by the assortment of the CAFLON online store.

Creative, classic, exclusive, piercing cafes

The model range of these earrings is practically unlimited. Their decoration is stones; crystals; inlay, engraving, notch. You can buy earrings simply with a great design or stop at a thematic or sculptural product. It all depends on taste. The main thing is that the type of fixation is suitable.

After all, they are fixed in different ways:

  • Cuff without piercing (wears on the auricle);
  • With lobe stud and shell clip;
  • For the cartilage of the ear (most often for the helix);
  • With cloves in the lobe and cartilage;
  • For two ear cartilage piercings, for example, instead of a barbell, industrial.

It is not always enough to buy coffee alone. After all, the second ear remains almost "bare", which not everyone likes. That's why we offer ready-made sets, that is, the cuffs come complete with an earring in the other ear. They are made in the same style or logically complement each other, which makes them a harmonious composition.

At CAFLON, you can buy coffee cups for any ear

Thanks to the variety of models, there is no such size or shape of ears that we cannot choose an ornament. Perhaps, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the auricle, a one-piece product will not suit you, but it is easy to replace it with a cuff with chains or a universal clip. All such earrings are made of medical steel or titanium, so even "experienced" allergy sufferers should not worry.