List of categories


Micro banana is miniature, the rod is bent out of two with windings on the ends. By analogy with the widest color in the navel, the earring is “banana”, and the prefix “micro” means a small size.

Selection parameters

Caliber - the diameter of the rod. Most often vines are 1.2 mm, but there are also vines. The diameter of the droplet is necessary to know to change the winding. Dovzhina rod v_dstan m_zh two decorative parts. In microbananas, the vines are sized 6 and 8 mm for “old” piercings and 10 mm for “fresh” ones.

How to wear an earring

For which it is enough to take one wrap and insert the base of the earring at the puncture. Let's wind up the droplet.

Yak take

Twist the droplets with your fingers and gently twist the barbell.

Which piercing has a popular microbanan

"third eye" (interbrow'ya); vertical and horizontal puncture ruin; Days, Rook, Antitragus and others see modifications of the cartilage of the ear; eyebrow piercing, “tears” (antibrows); Bridge, Septum; Smile, bridle movie; Decorate your nipples, genital piercing.