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Microdermal. Microdermals in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Microdermals: An unusual type of piercing

Microdermals are a decoration installed under the skin. It consists of a base, a short rod and a shaped cap. On the surface of the skin, only a decorative coating is visible. It is easy to replace it to your own taste - it is enough to simply twist the cap and install a new one. Microdermal piercing is quite simple: the master makes a puncture of 1.5 millimeters of the required depth and installs a perforated plate with a rod. Body tissues grow into these holes, thanks to which the piercing is securely anchored in the skin.

Микродермал. Микродермалы в Киеве, Украине

The price of microdermal depends on the material of the main part and the wrap. All parts are made of titanium or khurstal - metals that are not rejected by the body. Buying microdermals is usually preferred for installation on the face, stomach, chest, arms, but in general, any part of the body is suitable for this. Decorative hats can vary in size and shape, and are often decorated with semi-precious stones, crystals, and colored anodizing.

Микродермал купить

The cost of the decoration is relatively small, but the implantation procedure should be carried out only by a specialist. You can buy guaranteed quality microdermals from the catalog of our Caflon online store.

Microdermal piercing is the most versatile and delicate type of jewelry. If we talk about its universality, then such a piercing can be used everywhere:

  • on the neck and near it (in the fossa, on the collarbones, etc.);
  • in the navel area (the same decoration or a whole "track");
  • on the cheeks, lip and even on the forehead;
  • on wrists and fingers (a new trend in the world of fashion, replacing rings and bracelets).

Basically, microdermabrasion can be placed on any part of the skin, focusing on its glow, or create a whole work of art, for example, lay out some symbol or flower.

When they say that microdermals are the most stylish and delicate type of piercing, it is absolutely true. What could be more elegant and delicate than a diamond drop that actually "grows" from the skin. Moreover, no fasteners, fastenings or anything similar to an outsider is visible.

The secret of "growing" jewelry is in the installation scheme of the product.

How microdermals are installed in Kyiv, Ukraine

This earring consists of two parts:

  • anchors;
  • cheats

The anchor is a titanium plate with holes and a perpendicular threaded rod. Recently, anchors have appeared where the amount of metal is minimal, and the holes are as large as possible. This is done so that the microdermal takes root faster and more reliably. After all, it is through the "holes" that new tissues will grow.

Installation of microdermals is simple, but requires skill:

  • the skin is cut with a special scalpel;
  • its upper level bends slightly to set the anchor on the sprout layer;
  • the plate (base) of the decoration is introduced;
  • the outer screw is screwed on.

Full preparation time: 3-4 weeks.

Types of microdermals that exist in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In addition to the classic miniature decoration, there are several more of its larger types:

  • Skindiver does not have a flat, but a cone-shaped base. The installation uses the principle of a harpoon: thanks to the triangular shape, the product is jammed;
  • Transdermal is aimed more at men, as it is able to hold the maximum amount of wind. Its anchor most often has the shape of a circle with drilled holes, it is much larger than the classic microdermal. But solid spikes or horns can be fixed on it, which will be so appreciated among informals.

Therefore, if you are hesitating whether you need a piercing or not, then start with microdermal. It will help to fully understand which part of the body is better to modify.

Frequently asked questions

✔️ How long can you wear microdermal?

They heal completely from 6 to 12 months, even if there are no unnecessary injuries. That is, we can say that sometimes they do not heal at all. We advise you to treat this type of piercing as temporary (six months to a year), which, if you're lucky, will stay with you forever.

✔️ How to apply Microdermal?

Installation is done in the following way. A small incision, a little more than 2 mm, is made on the skin. Then a special metal anchor (the base of the decoration) is inserted into the incision. As a result, a pin is visible from under the skin, intended for installing replaceable screws.

✔️ How to care for Microdermal on the face?

What to do in the first 2 weeks after installation of the microderm Keep it under the patch for 3-5 days around the clock. Then for another 9-11 days stick the patch at night. It should be changed every time you wash the puncture. Twice a day, wash the piercing with saline solution.

✔️ How to clean Microdermal yourself?

The jewelry is washed with the solution. Try to make sure that the area of skin with dermal is washed with it without the involvement of hands. Then separate the softened crust and other layers with a cotton swab. Then rinse with water.

FAQ : Microdermal

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