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Micro bar - buy for perfect piercing in the Caflon online store

What is a microbar in the classical sense? This is a thin rod (“vulture”), on the ends of which decorative elements are wound (inserted) - hats. Sometimes another decoration, a labret, is brought to the concept of a micro-rod. It is a bit similar in terms of the leading configuration principle, but here one of the wraps is stationary, non-removable.

In addition, such earrings are brought into a separate category, so it makes no sense to call them rods, albeit with the prefix “micro”.

In what punctures is it recommended to buy a microbar

These earrings are very much in demand in body art. Due to their small size, universal structure, they are actively used in many types of piercing:

  • ear cartilage is in the lead. They are worn in helix, tragus, oryx, lobe. It is possible to use in other types of cartilage modification, but this is optional;
  • the septum is also perfectly adapted to this shape of the earring;
  • it is generally difficult to insert something else into the puncture of the frenulum of the tongue;

Depending on the length of the piercing channel, the type of body art and the thickness of the pierced skin fold, miniature barbells are worn in the lip, eyebrows, etc.

What microbar is bought for the first puncture

It should be well made, hypoallergenic (biocompatible), be a little longer than expected. This approach ensures that swelling and initial healing are not difficult or troublesome.

Стильные или навороченные микроштанги купить в Украине Киеве

Among the preferred materials of manufacture:

  • titanium - recognized as the best choice;
  • bioplast or bioflex - optimal for the oral cavity;
  • medical steel - has long proved its neutrality in relation to the human body.

What else are microbarbells good for? They have a minimum weight, a thin pin and small wraps that fit snugly enough to the skin. Therefore, they give the effect of rapid healing, do not irritate or pull the skin, it is almost impossible to hit them hard to injure yourself.

Design variety

In these decorations, the designer's fantasy manifested itself in full force. The favorite, of course, are the crystals. They help the smallest size earring to become bright and highly visible.


If you do not like the shine of "diamonds", then you can stop at all-metal or completely bioplastic solutions. Most often, balls, cones, spikes, emoticons, stars and other figures will serve as decor.

The color palette is just as varied. The micro bar can be “gold”, “silver”, “chameleon”, steel or black. For this, anodizing, blackening, PVD spraying is used.

Selection of piercing jewelry

To buy the right size microbarbell from the Caflon online store, pay attention to the specified characteristics. They usually include several items:

  • length - refers to the length of the base in the plane. According to the classics, this is from 6 to 12 mm;
  • diameter - caliber of the base (rod). It is from 0.8 to 1.2 mm;
  • twist amount. Often you can choose a smaller or larger hat.

We recommend taking the smallest products for the first puncture or follow the advice of the master.

Frequently asked Questions

✔️ What is the difference between a micro bar and a regular one?

By your size. It is shorter, thinner, generally miniature. The same applies to her cheats.

✔️ What does a micro barbell look like?

A small rod with 2 wraps on the ends.

✔️ What is the best material for a micro bar?

According to recent research - titanium. It is recognized as the safest and hypoallergenic.

✔️ What parts of the body can be pierced with a micro barbell?

Frenulum of tongue, lips, eyebrows, septum, sometimes bridge. For most types of ear cartilage piercing, which one depends on your aesthetic perception of body art, desire and the piercing itself, it should be straight and through;

✔️ Is the micro bar always straight?

According to the gradation of jewelry - yes. Curved types are more related to micro-bananas.

✔️ What is the standard micro rod diameter?

From 0.8 to 1.2 mm. Occasionally there are ultra-thin earrings, with a base width of 0.6 mm.

✔️ What is the maximum length of the micro bar?

1.2 mm. Longer ones usually refer to standard rods.

✔️ Micro rods come in different colors?

Yes, PVD coating is able to give the metal/alloy any color.

✔️ What is the difference between a labret and a micro barbell?

These are two different decorations. In the labret at one end there is a non-removable wrapping.

✔️ What is better to insert into the puncture - a micro rod or a labret?

For many types of piercing, they are interchangeable, but there are exceptions, for example, tongue frenulum, eyebrow piercing.

✔️ What is the regular price for a micro barbell?

If we talk about the best, titanium, then without discounts the price is about 80 UAH. (in the store "Kaflon"). Other materials are cheaper.

✔️ Do micro bars come with hangers?

Yes, not too often, but there are such design solutions. But this decor is not recommended for a new puncture.

✔️ Are the wraps on the microbar different?

Yes, and often. Many models feature a stylish exterior decoration and a ball at the other end as it stays hidden inside.

✔️ Is there a micro rod like a cuff?

It happens. Moreover, this turns out to be a very cool and unusual decoration. Most often, a chain serves as a suspension and connection of 2 microbars (1 micro and a regular one). But there are also more creative options.

✔️ What is the maximum size of micro-bar wrapping?

There are elongated or voluminous design solutions. Therefore, the decor is able to reach 1.5 cm or more.