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Buying a trick is almost the same as changing or updating an earring. As you have already understood, a ring for a piercing is the same cap or decoration that is responsible for the entire design of the earring. The brighter and more interesting the trick, the more exclusive the body modification.

Where did the cheats come from?

Many believe that we owe their appearance to microdermals. But it is not so. Perhaps such a large number of offers to buy a trick and correlate with the rise in popularity of microdermals, but they were there before. Only very rarely were they sold separately from the rod or labret.

In principle, as soon as, in addition to piercing rings, other models were offered, cheats were born. They are the decoration of the labret, rod, banana, etc. In the very design of these earrings, it is provided that on one or both sides there will be a carving on which the decoration is wound. It serves not only as a decorative element, but also as an element that fixes the earring.

Buy a trick for piercing

By and large, what is a banana, a barbell, a labret? It's just a blank! The rod part enters the puncture and in many cases is not even visible. Only the cap rises above the surface of the skin. Therefore, when we talk about piercing as a decoration, we mean only trickery. Everything else is the personal care and secret of its owner.

накрутку на пирсинг

It is now easy to buy a cheat in Ukraine of any shape and size. The main thing is that the cross-section of the thread is suitable. Therefore, you should pay attention to this. Although now the piercing is in the direction of unification, it allows you to understand in advance which of them should be suitable.

So, a product specification is often given, indicating that it is a cheat on:

  • Labret;
  • Microdermal;
  • Barbell.

Many of them are universal, with the exception of microdermals. All others are usually suitable for both the labret and the barbell, banana, barbell and all their modifications.

The main styles of cheats

It so happened that among them there are many balls of different sizes, colors and designs. Now there are new models in which the balls are replaced by rolled crystals or stones, flowers with inlay, and other geometric shapes. There are emoticons, hearts, stars, stones without a metal frame and much more.

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