List of categories

Tunnels, stretch marks, plugs

Tunnel - tse variant of earrings for piercing, which may sound like a rounded shape. Most often, there is a ring or a ring of singing rosemary, which is inserted into the puncture of the lobe of the ear, lips, cheeks, etc. The tunnels are seen in the presence of a great diameter puncture, which is due to the tension. For which wine were especially stretched. Extensions for tunnels or plugs can have a different shape, as they are chosen as a fallow in your yard. At once change to do it richly, but the most popular ones are overwhelmed:

  • spiral;
  • different cones;
  • curved models with stoppers;
  • to kshtalt "october" chi "hare wuha".

Plugs with different types of tunnels. The main thing is the opinion of tsomu, that the stench is good, that is. close the puncture again. To that same plugs to show the greatest choice of form, color, decor. They are often applied with an original little ornament, and there is a lack of design solutions. All tunnels, extensions, plugs are added to piercing embellishments (earrings) and practically do not go out of the fashion of your innocence. They are respected by piercing, which attaches the greatest respect.