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Horseshoe / circular for piercing - buy fashionable jewelry in the Caflon online store

What is a piercing circular? These are earrings in the form of a horseshoe (crescent), the ends of which are decorated with twists. The word "circular" is of Latin origin and means "circular". That is why two names for one decoration have been established.

Подкова циркуляр

That is, a horseshoe earring can resemble this equine attribute in its shape, have shorter tips and a rounded shape, be with trimmed "horns", by analogy with a crescent moon.

For which piercing can you buy a circular

This is a truly versatile earring. It is used both in curved piercing channels and in straight ones, if the cartilage is not pierced. Although it is possible to insert into such a hole, if it is made in cartilage that has already healed. Therefore, the field of application of the horseshoe is as large as possible. You can see it:

  • in the eyebrows;
  • lips;
  • septum;
  • nipple;
  • navel;
  • nose wings;
  • on the genitals, etc.

This form is especially relevant for the septum. Many are forced to hide such piercings at work, so they simply wrap the ends inside the nose and immediately enter the criteria for the office dress code.

Manufacturing material

Almost all metals and alloys are used, because it is quite simple to give a circular shape. In the "Kaflon" online store, you can buy a horseshoe from:

  • titanium;
  • medical steel;
  • copper

Often they are covered with PVD spraying of different colors, purely metal solutions are anodized, gilding or a layer of silver is applied. Zirconium coating is also used.

Design solutions

As you know from the above, in our catalog you will find a huge assortment of horseshoes/circulars for any type of piercing. The main place of application of designers' research is, of course, tricks. Although they try to diversify the bases, making them braided, twisted, with refinements and thickenings, encrusted with crystals.

циркуляр для пирсинга купить

But after all, it is the "hats" that are the center of the composition. Therefore, their decor is designed with the help of:

  • crystals, rhinestones;
  • solutions made of metal (balls, figurines, abstraction);
  • natural and artificial stones;
  • complex options, such as inlay in a certain theme.

Previously, the same decoration for both sides was considered a distinctive feature of earrings - horseshoes. Nowadays, they often depart from this standard, making them different. In addition, you can change the tricks yourself and create an exclusive design.

Selection of circular size

The size of the decoration is characterized by three main points:

  • caliber (thickness of the inner part). The most popular diameters: 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm;
  • ring sizes are 6, 8, 10 mm. Larger models for less common piercings are very rare;
  • screw diameter. You can usually choose a decor from minimal to maximal.

Where to buy circular / horseshoe for piercing in Ukraine

We recommend looking at the catalog of our online store. We offer earrings of all sizes, colors and designs. Low price, high quality, only hypoallergenic, biocompatible materials - these are the "three whales" on which our policy and selection of the collection are based.

Подкова циркуляр для пирсинга - купить модное украшение в интернет магазине

Frequently asked questions

✔️ For which new piercing is the circular suitable?

Due to its curved shape, it is recommended to be used in estrum, smiley, bridle and lower lip, eyebrow, septum piercing. Note that the channel in the skin fold will have the same configuration as the earring post after healing. That is, bent.

✔️ What kind of metal should I buy a circular from?

Titanium is best, but medical steel is also suitable.

✔️ Horseshoe and circular piercing are the same?

Yes, these are different names for the same decoration.

✔️ Is a horseshoe earring only this shape?

No. This category includes both ¾ circles (horseshoe) and those with shorter "legs" resembling a crescent moon. Accordingly, there are also intermediate options.

✔️ Are the tricks for the circular always the same?

Nowadays, solutions with a ball and a decorative screw are often found. This is an excellent option for piercing the lower/upper lip, navel.

✔️ Why is a horseshoe considered the best earring for hidden septum wear?

Because the "horns" (tips) can be wrapped inside the nose and the piercing will become invisible.

✔️ Can I wear a circular helix?

Yes, if the puncture has completely healed, then this is a necessary decoration.

✔️ What is the standard size of the horseshoe shaft?

The classic diameter is 16G (1.2 mm) and 14G (1.6 mm).

✔️ How to choose the diameter of a horseshoe?

It is worth considering the type of piercing and the "age" of the piercing. Any diameter is suitable for the healed, the main thing is that it looks beautiful and harmonious. For the newly made, take a smaller size to reduce the load on the wound.

✔️ What cheats on the circular are in fashion now?

For girls, the most relevant ones are with crystals/stones. For boys - predatory, i.e. similar to "cliques".

✔️ What is the difference between circular and horseshoe piercing?

No. This is one and the same.

✔️ How to fix the circular in the puncture so that it does not rotate?

In the "Kaflon" online store there are models equipped with plastic, colorless fasteners that are installed on both sides of the hole. Then the decoration "fits like a glove")

✔️ What is better to insert into the septum, a ring or a horseshoe?

It's a matter of taste. But the circular is more convenient.

✔️ Are circulars black?

Yes of course.

✔️ What types of carving are there in horseshoe earrings?

The carving is external, that is, it goes along the top of the base (rod), and internal, when the corrugation is applied inside.