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Tired of high-quality and beautiful piercing earrings in Mariupol at an incredible price? And finding a piercing store in Mariupol that sells branded piercing jewelry is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack, especially if it is not there. Do not want to wear the same nose or navel piercing as half of Mariupol?

Then you are welcome to us, to the branded online piercing store in Mariupol CAFLON.

Really branded piercing jewelry in Mariupol

We offer equipment, materials, earrings for piercing of only one brand - the British company CAFLON, as it is its official representative in Ukraine. Therefore, we have the lowest prices for piercing jewelry in Mariupol, since we get the goods directly from the manufacturer, bypassing a long chain of intermediaries with "cheat". As for the assortment, not a single piercing store in Mariupol and even in the capital is able to offer such a variety of earrings, equipment and materials for piercing.

Benefits of CAFLON for Mariupol

Let's start with piercing earrings. Our prices are different, you can buy jewelry for 30-50 UAH (basic) or a real exclusive for 150-200 UAH, made of titanium and studded with Swarovski crystals.

Our catalog contains piercing earrings:

  • navel
  • nose, including septum;
  • ear and cartilage (studs, studs, labrets, rods, industrial, tragus, helix, etc.);
  • lips;
  • language;
  • brows;
  • nipples and genitals.

Of course, in our catalog there are microdermals, including Monroe and Medusa, plugs and tunnels along with stretching, snag piercings, cuffs and, of course, universal rings for any puncture.

Piercing salons in Mariupol we offer:

  • huge discounts and wholesale prices;
  • any needles and all piercing materials made of medical steel;
  • equipping the workplace of the master and much more.

Minimum prices, a huge assortment, more than 5,000 different models of piercing jewelry - all this is offered by the CAFLON online store in Mariupol.