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Banana for navel piercing

Banana piercing is considered the most convenient and classic form for navel earrings. On a yoga basis, you can buy navel piercings of absolutely different sizes and colors. It is important to remember that the exclusive design of the navel is the banana earring.

The most diverse embellishment at the navels proponu buy online store CAFLON piercing (Ukraine, Kiev).

Hypoallergenic banana earring - buy a navel piercing made of medical steel

Banana made of gold with diamonds, crazy, miraculous looking. Only navazhitisya on similar purchase in Ukraine can be 1-2% of її sacks. If it’s worth it to brag about your well-being in a big place, then, obviously, you can “be generous”.

Well, the problem lies in the fact that you buy a garniy banana at the navel, which does not indicate an allergy or a fire, then turn your respect for a piercing from medical steel. What do you take away the natomist?

  • The majestic choice of banana earrings, whether it is possible to change that configuration.
  • Possibility to buy a piercing at once, which, having been honored, moreover, not one, the price allows;
  • Visually, the look of gold does not look like it was made of medical steel. You can determine the material prepared only for the next day of testing.
  • Embellishment in the navel is practically not subject to deformation, which makes it easier to wear, so pulling on or taking off earrings.

Buy an earring in the navel in Ukraine for the first piercing

Definitely a banana. Be-like rods, circulars, etc. do not ensure proper wearing comfort with an unfinished piercing. Ale navіt before the banana, especially vimogi are displayed:

  • the minimum possible value, without details, how to act, how to cheer for clothes;
  • material of preparation: bioplastic, medical steel, titanium or gold of the highest standard;
  • maximum lightness of a banana earring, which does not tighten the skin and fresh puncture.

You can always buy a similar piercing at the navel from a wide range and at a low price in the CAFLON online store (Ukraine), a representative of the right English language in our country.