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Cheek piercing: embellish for unique charm

Online store CAFLON offers to buy in Ukraine embellishments for a new type of piercing: cheek piercing. Vіn becoming popular only a few years later. The shoulder of yoga can be used only in public, as they are actively engaged in the modification of the body.

And then the young girls commemorated the uniqueness of the visual puncture of the cheeks: they imitate the dimples, as if to give the soundness of the unique enchantment, commemoratively underestimate the right age of the volodarka. That's why cheek piercing has become symmetrical on both sides of the face.

Then when you smile, you have cute dimples. It was fixed with piercers that the deuce saw punctures to form the right pits on the cheeks, which do not know how to decorate afterward. Such an effect, unfortunately, cannot be reached forever.

Decorate for a piercing a specific type of piercing

Behind the classics, the cheek piercing procedure is a sharp puncture of the cheek tissue. For a new one, we recommend bathing labrets. We proponuєmо to dim and the variant of a small barbell, especially for those who are weak to a strong bulging of the shkiri after injury.

The modification of the classic cheek piercing is important for microdermal piercing. The stench is better in that plan, because the surface puncture of the shkir. The active middle of the mouth empty is not penetrated into the wound, to speed up and ease the wound. A side effect is a high risk of causing scarring in the areas of microdermal waxing after their removal.

Vimogi before embellishment for cheek piercing

By suggesting to buy a piercing from our online store, we guarantee that the earrings meet our criteria, that they can be displayed up to their embellishments.

  • sterile packed;
  • well prepared from hypoallergenic material (bioplast, titanium or medical steel);
  • vodpovіdat rozmіram, we will designate in the description.

The labret for the sock is to blame for the mother, the diameter is not more than 1.6 mm, and it must be worn. You can recognize to the millimeter less after a full puncture. And for the time being (for the first time) varto be safe and buy embellishment for the cheek piercing a little more, in order to give a small allowance for the sagging of fabrics.