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Cheek piercing: dimple effect with the possibility of stretching

Model: lc-05w
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Cheek piercing used to belong exclusively to piercings for body modification fans. This continued until the moment when the girls did not pay attention to some "side" effect - the appearance of dimples on the cheeks. This became the starting point and the beginning of crazy popularity. And with the advent of microdermals, the cheeks have become the most convenient place for multipiercing. Moreover, it is not about random punctures, but about creating unique compositions. But, as before, the decision about whether to buy classic earrings for cheek piercing or stop at microdermal, or maybe tunnels - is made only by you.

Cheek piercing

For a traditional piercing, that is, through, you can choose any point on the cheek that allows you to insert the decoration. In simple words: a channel is made into the oral cavity. As a rule, earrings are installed symmetrically from two sides, but someone can get by with one, depending on the task:

  • for the effect of dimples, it is better to do piercings on both cheeks;
  • one puncture is enough for further stretching and installation of tunnels.

As for microdermals, they are quite capable of replacing through modification and giving the effect of dimples, and also allow you to lay out a certain pattern, track or flower.

Which cheek piercing is better: classic or microdermal

When it comes to outrage, the desire to stand out, that is. about installing tunnels, it allows to do only the classic method. In the case of acquiring dimples, not everything is clear. First, there are complications with healing. You will have to endure inconvenience for 3-4 months, and sometimes more than a year. Secondly: the wound will be constantly exposed to an active environment, therefore there is a high risk of infection.

Among the advantages, it is worth noting that with the masterful work of the piercer, after some time a denser tissue is formed at the place of the piercing, which in 50% of cases leads to the appearance of a long-lasting effect of dimples even after removing the jewelry.

Cheek stretching refers to extreme approaches, but as the opening increases, the level of discomfort and the threat of inflammation decreases. However, you will be able to eliminate the consequences of abandoning the tunnels only surgically.

Microdermals are a more gentle option in all respects. The anchor of the jewelry is inserted under the skin, but does not come into contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth. As "dimples", such earrings look more natural and are able to form their long-term analogue, although this happens much less often than with the method described above.

What can you buy?

When it comes to microdermals, we recommend buying models with crystals. A colorless or "flesh" colored stone will allow you to look completely natural. If you do not like rhinestones, then tricks in the form of gold or silver balls may well replace them.

Only labrets are suitable for traditional cheek piercing. Their configuration in the form of a rod, a decorative cap and a flat inner surface will be the most gentle option for the teeth. If you want to replace them with a microbar, the wearing time should not exceed several hours, and you should refuse to eat.

The length of the labret rod usually varies between 18-24 mm, which depends on the thickness of the cheek and the structure of the face. At the first piercing, it is recommended to allow a few millimeters, because swelling is possible, and therefore the earring will start to press.

Among the materials for making earrings, bioplastic and titanium are considered the most optimal. They do not react with the microflora of the mouth, so healing is accelerated and does not present any particular problems.

The price of "dimple" and "microdermal" cheek piercing jewelry in our online store is low, so you can change them "according to your mood", according to your image or outfit.