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Piercing of the cheekbones and antibrow

Decorating the face and giving it unusual, originality is increasingly finding its supporters. People are no longer limited to lips or nose, but paid attention to the largest facial parts in terms of area - cheeks. A variety of cheek piercings also includes a cheekbone piercing and an anti-brow. These modifications are often confused. Although they are really similar, they still have a number of differences.

Eyebrow piercing

Anti-eyebrow is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous types of facial piercings. The puncture is not even made in the upper part of the cheek, as can be read in some Internet sources, but over the cheekbone. According to the classics, this is a piercing of the tissue under the eye, that is, the lower eyelid at the point of its transition to the cheekbone. The jewelry is placed strictly under the point where a vertical eyebrow piercing is usually done. In addition, the channel must be led at an angle so that the more external winding is higher and closer to the hair. It is not uncommon to find symmetrical "anti-brows" under both eyes. The procedure itself refers to planar, since the creation of a standard through "breakdown" is impossible here.

Eyebrow jewelery

Traditionally used:

  • rods (micro);
  • micro bananas;
  • bars (rods for planar piercing of the so-called U-shaped form).

The choice of earrings depends on the structure of the cheekbones and eyelids, the thickness of the skin and personal preferences. If you stick to the standards, then this is a barbell with two balls of any color. Recently, crystal wraps have gained popularity. Microdermals are an alternative to Surface Piercing for Antibrows.

Cheek and cheekbone piercing

This includes all types of punctures located in the upper part of the cheeks and along the entire surface of the cheekbones. It can be single or multi-piercing. It has no special restrictions on localization, form or direction. But it is also done by a planar method.

Buy cheekbone piercing jewelry

The location plays a leading role in the selection of earrings. If the surface bar is suitable in 99% of cases, then the choice of a straight or curved bar (banana) depends on many factors, including the thickness of the tissues, the severity of the cheekbones, etc. Sometimes the assortment of jewelry can be expanded even with rings or horseshoes.

Recently, microdermals have gained incredible popularity in cheek and cheekbone piercings. The abundance of removable wraps solved the problem of design monotony, and the convenience of fixation and the effect of "growing out from under the skin" give results that are stunning in terms of beauty and elegance. This is especially true for girls, whose skin is much softer and thinner, so often the rod pin is visually visible under the skin.

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Which do you prefer: anti-brow or cheekbone piercing?

Anti-eyebrow, in fact, is a special case of cheek piercing. Since this particular type of face modification is not for everyone, you should not get hung up on it. Perhaps if you place the earring a little lower / higher or to the right / left, you will get a stunning result. Indeed, in piercing, the main thing is the desired appearance, and not strict adherence to the criteria for a certain puncture.

In addition, you can buy jewelry for the cheeks or cheekbones of the configuration and decor you like. So a free interpretation of cheek piercing is clearly a winning option.

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