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Piercing of the clitoris and the lips of the state - buy embellishment smut

Clitoral piercing is the most common type of female genital piercing. Labia piercings are a little behind, but still popular enough that such jewelry is in high demand. Since clitoral piercing is a secret, hidden type of body modification, the number of its admirers is difficult to calculate, which leads to the fact that many piercing shops offer too limited a range of matching earrings.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that in the CAFLON online store you can buy a variety of jewelry for piercing the clitoris and labia, which are distinguished by a special style, beauty and elegance of execution. At the same time, they all correspond to unsurpassed English quality.

Jewelry for piercing the clitoris

Our collection includes earrings of all sizes and configurations. After all, there is a piercing not only of the clitoris, but also of the hood, labia, and other types of female genital piercing. Certain types of jewelry are suitable for each of them, although many are interchangeable.

What is most often used?

  • Barbells
  • Rings
  • Horseshoes
  • Bananas.

They can have a standard or unusual shape, but in the manner of wearing and the location of the earrings fully correspond to these basic types of jewelry.

If we talk about sizes, then everything depends on the preferences of the girl. Most often, small products are chosen, barely visible on the clitoris or labia. But a larger piercing is also quite acceptable, which noticeably sharpens the sensation, and the only requirement for it is only one thing: that it does not interfere with everyday life.

Differences in jewelry for genital piercings (clitoris, labia)

There are certain requirements for such earrings. And if something can be neglected in other types of piercings, it is unacceptable in clitoral piercings. This zone is one of the most sensitive and reactive, so any mistake will lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, before you buy a labia or clitoral piercing, make sure that it:

  • made neatly and qualitatively;
  • made of safe, hypoallergenic materials;
  • produced by a well-known brand.

Although, if you visited the website of the CAFLON online store, all requirements have already been met. After all, you can buy jewelry for piercing the clitoris and labia from us, the highest quality in Ukraine!