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Intimate piercing: realize hidden dreams!

The high culture of intimate brethren came to us from other lands. After the old fates of Puritanism, the Europeans have learned to overcome that urgency of their satisfaction. And just as the reach of ancient Indian and Chinese treatises about kohanna began to be taken away from life, then an intimate piercing for delivery to a partner took root for a long time.

The main problem of piercing of the intimate zones was found in the presence of piercing earrings. Delicacy that skhilnist nipples, move thinly. before the ignition processes, after the puncture, it was considered a normal phenomenon and for a long time it did not show up with the material from which the piercing earring was prepared. Only on the cob of the 21st century, people began to remember what materials, what not to cry out for allergies and to saturate the worst of the worst.

So the okrema appeared to the piercing - intimate.

You can buy yak earrings for intimate piercing (Ukraine)

Earrings in the nipple or piercing of the tongue, intimate vmagaє hypoallergenic alloy or metal. The material is guilty of being ideally processed, not having chips, “bullying” and being neutral in terms of appearance to the person. Tsim vimogam vіdpovіdaє:

  • bioplast;
  • medical steel;
  • titanium.

Earrings for nipples or intimate piercing can be crushed from precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), but even if the stink cannot be individually sterile packaging, it’s better not to beat for the first piercing, to avoid infection or infection.