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Eyebrow piercing jewelry: super earrings! Fly in!

Inconspicuously and quietly, eyebrow piercing has become one of the most popular types of piercing. No one particularly untwisted this modification, like a septum or a navel, but its elegance and style forced many to insert jewelry into this part of the face.

Most likely, we have to thank the beauty industry for this, which has turned to piercers "with their faces". Now you can buy an eyebrow earring of absolutely any shape, color and design. Representatives of the old school, of course, will remain worshipers of balls, or, in extreme cases, cones, and supporters of fashion trends will choose a completely different decor.

Types and types of decorated eyebrows

It should be said right away that they are slightly different for vertical and horizontal piercings. You can read about the features of each piercing in the subsections of this category, so we will not stop there, but move on to the discussion of earrings:

  • rings, semi-rings, and horseshoes look amazing in the eyebrows. The only minus is that they are not suitable for the first puncture. There are several reasons for this, but the main two are: they distort the channel, which will cause difficulties when trying to wear other earrings; give a high level of risk of injury, as they tend to cling to hair, hats, etc.;
  • creative people prefer to buy a microbanana for their eyebrows, since bananas always have an original, catchy design. They are also not recommended to be worn until the piercing has completely healed;
  • curved microbar. Universal decoration for eyebrows. The only one that is optimally suitable for a new piercing, is available in various calibers (1.0, 1.2, 1.6) and long, which allows you to choose the ideal earring;
  • microdermals are mostly used in the horizontal type, but the ability to install them almost anywhere, to make a "track" and even an application, significantly expands the scope of application.

Where are eyebrows pierced most often

80-85% of all modifications are localized in the upper third, i.e. to closer to the outer corner. This zone is easily pierced and heals quickly (1-1.5 months). But due to the softness of the skin in this place, the decoration often falls off.

Earrings placed closer to the center hold more firmly and reliably. But such a body modification is far from suitable for everyone, which prevents it from gaining popularity. Treatment of the inner corner (near the bridge of the nose) is even less common.

The decoration of the inter-brow space (the so-called Bindi) is intended solely for amateurs. It instantly changes the facial expression and looks much more provocative than other eyebrow piercings. If the power in a democratic office does not pay attention to the piercing of the outer tip of the eyebrows, Bindi will be asked to dream. Multiple piercings above the eyebrow look very feminine. They decorate the face so much that hardly anyone dares to say anything against it.

The process of obtaining a high-quality eyebrow piercing

  • buy a microbar made of titanium, bioplastic, medical steel;
  • make a puncture in a solid cabin;
  • after complete healing, replace the jewelry with a ring, semi-ring, horseshoe or micro-banana with crystals.

In our "Kaflon" online store, we offer an additional option: buy a curved barbell (the basis for eyebrow piercing), and choose the tips for it yourself. So you will be able to create a unique decoration that suits you in all respects.

Given the low price, excellent quality and a huge selection of models, it will not be difficult for you to choose an earring for your eyebrow.

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