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Horizontal eyebrow piercing

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The previously outrageous, rebellious eyebrow piercing has long since passed into the category of elegant and proven facial modifications. This is especially true of his horizontal eyebrow piercing. It is considered "more modest", less noticeable, easier to disguise. Of course, the shape and size of the jewelry you decide to buy plays a leading role.

Horizontal eyebrow piercing: features

In fact, this is one of the types of plane piercing. Let's say, tissues lying on one plane are punctured, unlike the vertical version. Earrings are installed, as a rule, closer to the outer edge of the eyebrow arch directly above the hairs, under them or even among them. A slight tilt to the side is allowed to repeat the line of the eyebrows. It is worth clarifying that the "dislocation" zone is noticeably wider for a horizontal puncture than for a vertical one. If the thickness of the skin allows, then it happens that it is placed in the center or closer to the inner edge, even in the immediate vicinity of the bridge of the nose. In addition, this piercing is considered the safest and most painless if done by an experienced master. It heals differently: from 1 to 6 months, although more often faster than longer. Its tendency to migrate is lower than that of the "vertical", but it is also emphasized. However, horizontal eyebrow piercings are more durable than vertical ones.

What earrings to buy for horizontal eyebrow piercing

The most optimal option is a surface bar (U-shaped bar for plane piercing). Visually, it is a microbar with ends bent at 90 degrees. Removable flat-shaped screws are added to them. If the structure of the suprabrow arch and the "pierced" channel allows, then a straight or curved rod can be worn in the puncture that has healed, i.e. micro banana The same applies to rings or horseshoes. Although it is best to stop at the bars, only to change cheats. An analogue, alternative and the best approach to multi-piercing will be the use of microdermals. They not only replace the horizontal piercing of the eyebrows, but also allow you to create incredibly beautiful compositions.

Materials for jewelry

The unequivocal leader and the most recommended material for the first piercing is titanium. This applies to both "bar" and microdermals, especially to their anchors. Ideally, the first earring should be completely titanium, that is, titanium even in the caps. This will protect you from allergic reactions, prevent "growing in" and speed up healing. Medical steel is the second most effective. It is similar in properties to titanium, only it has a high specific gravity. Bioplastic is suitable even in cases where a person reacts negatively to any metals or alloys. It is a polymer material invented for medical purposes, so it is neutral in relation to the human body, which promotes the fastest healing.

Size matters

Considering the propensity to migration of any eyebrow piercing, it is worth buying a decoration with a diameter of 1.6 mm. For "thin-skinned" people, it is possible to use earrings with a caliber of 1.2 mm, but here the threat of rejection is even higher. As for the size of the decorative part, the restrictions are related to comfort and appropriateness. The only thing is that all eyebrow piercings are actually not stretchable, all kinds of side reactions are revealed when trying it, so you will have to forget about the tunnels. The rest of the decorations are a matter of taste. The price of earrings for horizontal eyebrow piercing is low, it depends on the material of manufacture, complexity and exclusivity of the design, but in our online store the price remains affordable for a product of any level.