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Eyebrow piercing vertical, diagonal

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Vertical or diagonal eyebrow piercing is considered more dangerous compared to horizontal, but also the most popular type. Jewelry for these types of piercings can be bought in fact the same, so we will consider them together. But before that, let's highlight the features of each modification.

Eyebrow piercing is vertical

Traditionally, the earring is located on the outer corner of the "eyebrow", although it can be slightly shifted to the middle. Double puncture of the skin is done strictly vertically, hence the name.

The procedure is not particularly dangerous and "bloody", as only soft tissues are penetrated. It heals quite quickly, no longer than 1 month. This is a plus of this face decoration and a minus.

The piercing is prone to instant overgrowth, so it is not recommended to remove the earring in the first half of the year. It can be replaced after 4 weeks, but a complete failure within a few days can lead to further difficulties with putting it on.

Another feature of vertical eyebrow piercing: ephemerality and the ability to migrate jewelry. This is a zone with active mimicry, so the distance between the puncture points will constantly decrease. There is a possibility of the earring falling out. When you notice this threat, it is better to take it out, let the "holes" grow and make a new piercing.

It is also worth approaching the piercing with caution, if the eyebrow area is flat, without meat. Then the piercing threatens with pressure and irritation of the bones of the skull.

Diagonal eyebrow piercing

It differs from the previous manipulation only in that the needle does not go vertically, but diagonally. Among the features, it should be noted that it migrates a little slower, is less prone to clinging to hair or a headdress.

Which eyebrow to "pierce"?

There are no ethical, moral or sacred restrictions in choosing the left or right eyebrow for wearing jewelry. The choice is made on the basis of personal preferences, the structure of the person and the subjective decision "I like it better". There is only a small nuance: if the place of dislocation of the earring is at the tip of the eyebrow arch, then it is possible to slightly lower it.

Earrings in the eyebrow

As for jewelry for vertical eyebrow piercings, microbanana is recognized as the benchmark. Also suitable:

  • curved microbar;
  • horseshoe;
  • ring.

A banana is used for the first puncture. All other types of jewelry are designed for piercing or are used according to anatomical indications.

What earring to buy if the piercing is vertical? The leader is bars (bananas) with removable screws. Then you can change the caps themselves without removing the pin. The design is chosen based on preferences, but earrings with colorless or colored crystals and gold balls are considered feminine. Products with a cone-shaped, spike-shaped decor of black or dark color, with a steel metal cast, look more courageous. This applies to classic balls.

Piercing rings in this type of body modification are used much less often, because due to their configuration, they protrude strongly, which creates a threat of injury to the piercing. So a horseshoe will be the best choice for lovers of rounded shapes.

You can buy jewelry for vertical eyebrow piercing of any type and type in our online store at a minimal price. We offer earrings made of the best materials: titanium, bioplastic, medical gold (steel).