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Lip piercing jewelry: make a kiss unforgettable!

The most common earrings for lip piercing are labrets. You can buy them for any type of piercing:

  • upper lip;
  • lower lip;
  • lip freckles;
  • for the "Monroe" style (above the lip in the form of a birthmark);
  • for "Meduza" (puncture above the lip in the labial groove);
  • under the lip

Recently, earrings for piercing the lower or upper lip in the form of a ring have become very popular. Such decorations are more noticeable than a labret and attract all the interest of the interlocutor when they look at your face.

Пирсинг губы

Therefore, if you want to distract attention from any flaws in your appearance and focus it on beautifully defined lips, then use rings or labrets with Swarovski crystals.

Features of piercing the lower and upper lip, freckles, skin above or below the lip

We have so many photos of earrings for a reason. After all, each type of lip piercing requires different decorations. Of course, you can invent your own style, but until you find it, you should listen to the advice of experts.

пирсинг нижней или верхней губы

  • Piercing of the upper lip allows the use of earrings, rings and labrets of any size. But if you adhere to the "Monroe" style, then the earring should resemble a sexy family above the lip, so balls or crystals are preferable.
  • The piercing of the lower lip can also be in the form of a ring or a labret , ending with a ball, crystal or figure.
  • Lip frenulum piercing looks best with a small labret decorated with a sparkling crystal. Then your smile will start to "glow" in the literal sense of the word.
  • Piercing above the lip , in the labial groove, also gravitates to labrets with balls or crystals. The most creative young people prefer barbells with animal figurines, flowers or fruits laid out of stones.
  • A piercing under the lip can be almost invisible, when using a microlabret, or shocking, with a large ornament or a large, sparkling crystal.

Виды пирсинга губы

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