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Labrets for piercing lips Eshli

Ashley piercing applies to the most lower and most delicate lip piercings. Depending on the choice of earrings, you can wear it in the office or at the university, even if you go to the right one with your mind, then you won’t be particularly difficult.

Puncture of ruin Eshli

It should pass through the center of the lower lip with such a rosary, so that the upper part of the earring (wrapping) is visible on the lip, and the lower part is left in the middle of the mouth. The puncture is carried to the mentally vertical, the shards lie in the air of the lips.

How to embellish for the most popular labrets and micro rods, other vicorist and star carnations. So, as a piercing is considered "straight", the curved forms do not get stuck.

As a result, a third-party look only sees the decorative part of the earring, which is raised above the lower lip. Features: tsya modification to serve for visual zbіlshennya lips, on the thought of fahіvtsіv, to rob them more sensitive and sensitive.

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