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Decorate for vertical lip piercing Labret and Jestrum (Estrum)

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To understand the vertical piercing of the lips, you can see the piercing, in which the channel for the earring passes through the skin of the white mouth and the middle lip. Yaskravim butt є Jestrum piersing (estrum) or a vertical jellyfish.

Vertical lip piercing Jestrum

One idea is that one part of the embellishment can be seen at the bottom of the nose (Medusa), and the other part comes out of the center of the upper lip. Visually, this modification looks even more sexy, lower than the classic version of a puncture.

How to decorate for Estrum piercing fit:

  • bananas;
  • staples;
  • bent rods.

So if the offending parts of the earrings come to the surface, then the labret does not fit.

Lip piercing Vertical Labret

Deyakі vіdnosit piercing to the extended version of the classic Labret. One of the “entrances” for the earring is pierced in the center under the lower lip, and the other is led onto the surface of the lip itself, through which the puncture is often lost from Yeshl.

Earrings for Vertical Labret:

  • the barbell (barbel) is bent;
  • banana;
  • bracket;
  • ring.

On the view of Estrum, here the earrings of the hoop look completely organic and tick. The priority is given to thin models, but there are no special fencing, especially if there are people.

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