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Earrings for piercing Gubi Smile and Antismile

Smile piercing and Antismile є piercings of the frenulum - a thin band between the upper / lower lip and clear.

Puncture Smile

To be carried out at the university, to be exact. The piercing earring does not sound when it is pierced, but it only shows itself with a wide smile, stars and the name Smile.

Embellish your lips for a puncture The most important ones have circulars or podkovs. Often you can sing and kill. What is the value of our recommendations, it is better to give priority to small circulars with smooth bags on the ends. This is the most sparing type of earrings for Smile in terms of wear to tooth enamel.

Puncture ruin Antismile

Pass through the bridle of the lower lip. To lie down to the most vivid sights of lip piercing, invisible shards, it is less visible when kissed. Among the popular earrings for Antismile, there are also different rings, circulars, pidkovi. Deyakі vikoristovuyut micro bananas and bent micro rods.

You can buy embellishment for lip piercing Smile / Antismile from our online store. We proponuyemo circulars, pіdkovi, koltsya be-any design, razmіru that koloru s hypoallergenic, distorted materials. Є earrings for the first and last piercing. The price of titanium fiber, bioplastic, surgical steel is even lower. Trochs are more expensive to koshtuyut models from 24-karat gold filings.