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Lip Piercing Labret, Medusa, Cyber Bite

All you see is the lip piercing (Medusa, Labret, Kiber's Bite) one bed of rice - vikoristannya dot earrings labretіv.

Puncture Medusa

Vikonuetsya at the center of the upper lip, under the nose, at a small groove (filtrum). At the piercing of Medusa, a single type of earrings is inserted - a labret. Behind the classics, this winding is broken in the form of a metal bag, but at the same time more and more luck is hoped for crystals, be it form.

Lip Piercing Labret

So is a single puncture, mirroring Medusa, tobto. in the center under the lower lip. You can buti zrobleno standard chi as low as possible. In the rest of the wine season, we take the name lowbret (lower labret).

How to name the puncture, how to embellish the vicarious labrets. Earring designs are allowed. Often the same lip piercing Labret is stretched, turning on the lip plate (lip tunnel). This zone is considered the most friendly for stretching and allows the tunnel to reach a diameter of 2-4 cm.

Lip piercing Cyber bite

To lie down to the combination of views of the piercing of the lips, the shards of the Medusa and Labret at once victorious. Tom for the Bite of Cyber all the same happens to buy labret earrings. The stench can be the same, boys (lock-key, arrow-heart) or absolutely different in design.

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