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Monroe / Decorate for Lip Piercing

This is the widest and most stylish piercing of the lips, which reveals the charm and charm. Merlin Monroe otrimav veins, like a small birthmark above her lip, which was one of the attributes of her inexhaustible sexuality. The same is the birthmark of the famous star Madonna, the name of the piercing is often associated with her.

Puncture ruin Madonna / Monroe

A skin is formed over the upper lip from the left side of the mouth in the margins of 1 cm from the mucous membrane. The place of roztashuvannya is chosen for the sake of the master so as to give the person more composure.

Embellish (earrings) for Monroe's piercing - it's less of a labret of a singing design:

  • decorated with a small crystal;
  • bag.

Goofy task of labretіv for this piercing is ruined in order to cope with the damage of the "birthmark". That is why they are often vicorated in the decor of dark stone, brown or black color. Here tse vilyadaє hatefully that is natural. Until the puncture of the ruin of the Madonna is overcome, it is elegant, the admissibility of wearing in the minds of the dress code (with some kind of exchanges). To start a business, a lady does not dress herself in such adornment, she adds frills to her femininity and is not even related to the symbols of rebellion and ruhu informals.

As for the people, then for them, each lip piercing is considered provocative and, most of all, yoga can be treated by representatives of subcultures and fans of singing musical streams.

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