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Lip piercing Horizontal Labret: embellish

To this type of lip piercing, all horizontal piercings of the upper and lower lip are seen. On vіdminu vіd vіd bolshostі modifіkatsіy company, scho mayut vlasnі name, tsya vіdnositsya to svіrnih understand pіd naming "Horizontal Labret".

Such “discrimination” is evident from the fact that the data pierced the pain, folding at the sight, and problematic when burned, that is unpopular. Ale and stink toil your shanuvalniks.

Lip piercing Horizontal Labret

The channel for pulling in the earring should pass through the comrade's lips one by one and may go out twice. So the decorative elements on both sides of the embellishment are overlaid on the naked look. Naskіlki far one kind of one roztashovuvatimutsya pierced, below, in the mountains, or in the center of the company - they stand before the spadix of the procedure. It is rich to lie in the form of “meatiness”, comradeship and the expansion of the lips, so you don’t have to start piercing there, if you want the client. If the head of the master is not able to get enough of a quantity of fabrics, then it will threaten the sale of earrings or sagging on the lips.

Decorate for a Horizontal Labret

For this puncture it is recommended to buy a chi banana bar. So, as in the case of more vipadkivs, the head is guilty, as if they “knocked” into the depths, then the tunnel will go out of the trochs. Therefore, the earring can be shaped like this: you can see the staples of a banana.

Models are chosen to improve the fact that insults will be visible, so the stench may be the same design. The décor looked badly at the crystals of the opposite colors: black and white, golden and silvery, thin.

It is very important and the basis is attached to the lips. Horizontal Labret and so long ago, that varto bathe the most of the most inert and bio-sensible materials: titanium and polymers (bioplast, bioflex).

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