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Zhorgin lip piercing (Gorgin bite)

Piercing Zhorzhin having removed his name when translating the English word Black Dahlia (black zhorgin or black orchid). To his blame for the tragic death of a girl in America, like a maniac, having cut his mouth to the brim.

Puncture Bite Georgina

Vin fight symmetrically at the folds of the company. Often for a new one they try to see the underlings of Monroe (two "birthmarks" above the lips) or a modification that imitates "dimples" on the cheeks. Ale, the right puncture of Zhorgin is carried out in a direct proximity to the labial adhesions.

The main task of this lip piercing is to create an infection of a “broken” mouth. Therefore, often the wines include a sprat of the last piercings to the vuh.

But more popular is the placement of all two punctures in the corners of the lips, or a little more. Properly chosen earrings allow you to visually “lift up” the kuti, rebuke the younger ones, create an “eternal smile” look.

Decorate for piercing Zhorgin (Bite of Zhorgin)

Vibir earrings are surrounded by labrets and micro rods, shards are pierced through the eyes and a decorative part is left on the eyes. Perevaga hopes for bioplastic, bioflex and other polymers, the shards of the temple are a threat to the deterioration of tooth enamel, especially with a smile or a little more. From this position, it is especially not recommended to kіltsya, but the decision is left up to you.

Another important moment is the vaga of earrings for piercing Zhorgin: important virobi will pull up to the bottom of the mouth of the mouth, giving you a vіk and giving you the appearance of a gloomy viraz.

You can buy the correct earrings for lip piercing of Zhorgin in this section of our catalogue. We chose the most optimal micro rods, labrets, which will look wonderful in the folds of the lips, giving you a sparkling, sexuality. The price of our goods is available as a whole, so the choice is limited only by your imagination and bazhanny!