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Nose piercing: buy earrings for all piercings

Among the different variations of nose piercing, there are piercings that can "accept" at least 2-3 types of jewelry, but there is a special body art for which only earrings of a certain shape and size fit.

Therefore, before buying an earring for a nose piercing, find out which one is right for him.

Types of nose piercings

  • a classic piercing style – a hole in the wing of the nose. Depending on the structure of the face, it can be at a different height, slightly to the right or left;
  • 2 symmetrical punctures of soft tissues, closer to the center of the nose, are called Austin Bar. Only the rod is used here;
  • if you apply the same approach, but on the bridge of your nose, you will get Bridge;
  • in order to draw more attention to the nose, its tip is "hit". You can insert a shiny labret or make a kind of "horn" called a Rhino or Rhino piercing;
  • the opening in the soft fold or septum of the nose is the Septum. After spending time on its stretching, you will get the opportunity to modify it into a complex Rino or Septril.

Nose piercing earrings: what to wear and where to wear

Difficulties are caused by completely different patterns of needle passage. Therefore, it is difficult to choose 1 decoration for all modifications so that it fits in length, shape and caliber. So which nose ring should you buy?

  • Nostril A separate solution exclusively for the wing of the nose. There are additional names: "snail", "hook". It has the most comfortable configuration for this piercing.
  • Labret. Depending on the size, suitable for wing, tip, septril.
  • Barbell. The most popular decoration. Limitations are only related to caliber and length. It can be straight or curved. Such types of piercing as Austin Bar, Bridge and Rhino are based on it.
  • Ring. Usually used in the septum, possible use in the wing of the nose.
  • Clicker. A development for the septum, which turned out to be incredibly successful for other body art. According to the classics, this is a half-ring fixed on a straight pin. When opening and closing, a characteristic click is heard, which means a secure fixation or full opening.

How to choose a type of piercing

We have already figured out that buying a nose ring is not so easy. Now we will decide how to choose the best puncture.

Let's start with a universal solution - nose wing piercing will suit 99% of people. The main thing is to find the most advantageous place on the nostril.

The septum is fashionable, but quite provocative. Inappropriate in a business style, causes a negative reaction in a conservative environment. Not suitable for everyone. It looks interesting on a straight or snub-nosed nose. "Eagle" structure of the respiratory organ, its large size or fleshiness are negative factors, which gives a high risk of facial distortion.

This also applies to septril.

Austin Bar. The perception of this body modification depends on the chosen earring. It can both mask and emphasize flaws.
Bridge. All the interlocutor's attention will be focused on the eyes. If they are good, this piercing is for you. Otherwise, it is better to shift the focus of attention to another place.
Rhinoceros. Outrage in its purest form. Full guarantee that everyone will look at you. Base your decision on this. But Reno, like the piercing of the tip of the nose, should not be done if it is crooked or has an irregular shape. By the way, you need to buy an earring - a barbell curved, not straight.

How to prepare for the first puncture

  • Choose the ideal type of piercing
  • Buy an earring for nose piercing of the desired diameter, length and model. It should be made of hypoallergenic, safe material: titanium, bioplastic, medical steel
  • Choose a reliable salon with a good reputation
  • Carefully follow all the instructions of the master for the care of the piercing.

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