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Bridge nose piercing refers to rather outrageous types of body modification, in particular the face. Got its name from the English bridge - a bridge, due to its location. As a matter of fact, this piercing was transferred at the level of the eyes. Because of this, you can buy an earring for a bridge of any decor, even the most modest decoration will captivate the eyes, because we are used to looking into the eyes, and this piercing is right there.

Bridge horizontal piercing

Piercing the nose (nasal bridge) passes through soft tissues, and does not pierce the nasal cartilages, as it seems from afar. Therefore, they try to choose a place where there is enough "meat". As a result, the piercing can be slightly below or above the inner corners of the eyes.

This body modification directly depends on the structure of the nose:

  • a fairly thick fold of skin is required, otherwise the decoration may sag, migrate or come off;
  • not suitable for noses of a certain shape (the "bump" starts from the eyebrows, etc.).

Before getting a bridge piercing, think about what earrings you wear. Two options are suitable:

  • straight bar, even industrial;
  • curved bars or bananas.

Therefore, the master's needle can go straight or bend at an angle.

Vertical bridge (Bindi)

Vertical Bridge has the additional name of Bindi because it evokes an association with the "dot" on the forehead in Indian women. A piercing is done above the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows. If the configuration of the face and the density of the skin allow, then it actually shifts to the lower part of the forehead. It belongs to the planar type of punctures, therefore other decorations are used:

  • bananas for the navel;
  • curved bar for planar punctures.

As the Bridge variations are also called

It is known as Erl or Mid-Brow Piercing, Third Eye, so it is not always defined as nose piercing. That said, it's about this mods section.

You can buy jewelry for bridge piercing (horizontal, vertical) in our online store. We offer stylish bars, straight and curved, matching micro-bananas or regular. You can opt for jewelry with modest "balls" or choose a piercing earring with crystals or unusual creative decor. The price of the product will still be small, and the manufacturing material is high-quality and hypoallergenic.