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Piercing of the krill of the nose (nipple piercing)

The type of piercing, which is calmly perceived on a par with earrings in the lobes, is Nostril piercing (piercing of the wing of the nose). Such a decoration on the face has become so popular that it is used by every second girl in Europe and America. Among men, this statistic is worse, but they did not remain indifferent to such a common modification of the nose. Classic Nostril and High Nostril are distinguished.

Nose wing piercing "classic"

This is, one might say, a basic puncture, which is used in 90-95% of cases. One or more holes are located along the "wing of the nose", the "curve" at the base of the nostril or below the "dimple" on the side (everyone's nose is different).

The maximum popularity is due to the simplicity and virtually painless procedure, availability and low cost of the manipulation. The needle passes through soft tissues, so it does not cause any difficulties. The nose heals quite quickly and, as a rule, without problems.

High nostril piercing

It is carried out at the highest possible height, closer to the nasal bridge (bone connection of the nose with the skull). You choose the place yourself, but so that the master has the opportunity to make a puncture. The needle also passes only through the skin, without touching the cartilage. This piercing is more difficult to care for, so it is less in demand. It is usually done due to the peculiarities of the structure of the nose or visual correction of its shape.

Buy an earring in the nose for piercing the wings of the nose / nostrils

Special decorations were created for him - nostrils (snails). Their shape is perfectly adapted to the nostrils, so buy them for the first piercing.

For a healed piercing, suitable:

  • labret;
  • carnation;
  • any types of rings with the appropriate diameter (not applicable for High Nostril);
  • wrapper (nostrily wrappers) is a novelty of the season, a hybrid of the classic "snail" with a ring. The bracket of this earring in the nose can have an identical appearance to the nostrils, be straight (bends itself), curved in any direction. The decorative part is elongated and rounded to give the impression of a ring in the nostril. This form is also a way of additional fixation and insurance against jewelry falling out. As with the rings, the diameter of the product is important here, so that it covers the wing and fits tightly to it. Another advantage is versatility, the models are not divided into right- or left-handed.

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