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Septril piercing is subdivided into a big one and a high one. In the skin view, there is a puncture of the nasal septum (septum). We swear your respect, even though there is no yoga, then this piercing is impossible for technical reasons.

Regardless of the complexity of preparation, this type of modification of the nose is less memorable, the lower Bridge or the Austin Bar and the richer ones, which does not indicate the ambiguous reactions of the authorities and vikladachiv.

Classic Septril

To describe the puncture of Septril in two words, then the head should pass through the prepared tunnel in the septum almost vertically down, in the center of the septum, closer to the tip.

So the septum will start to fight, then the canal will expand, then the installation of the earring for the septrils is less possible.

Embellish insert different, important labrets. If you allow the width of the nose at the septum of the nose, then you should try to win the beautiful carnation earrings.

The purpose of the modification is that at the lower part of the nose, the ringing was visible only as a decorative wrap.

Inversion / reversal Septril

This is the name of one of the modifications of Rino piercing. It pierces like the bottom of the septum, and the tip of the nose. Mustache manipulations pass through the stretched canal to the septum.

Shards of a puncture come out, then vikoristovuetsya bulging barbel, micro banana, shob vyyshov Rino (Nosorig). Two okremi earrings (labrets) are designed to transform the "rhinoceros" on a whole nicer septril with piercing of the tip of the nose.

Buy embellishments for Septril

As we have already said, the leader is the labret. In the edge of creativity, people are smart enough to put in an inverted type of navit kіltsya, so to rob the old-fashioned look, it’s both shockingly shocking and radical, but it’s wonderful to go, I’ll embellish it correctly!

For a attached wear, it is recommended to buy earrings with a push-fit system (press-fit), tobto. without cutting. There are a lot of models of wrappings made of bioplastic light, pastel colors, which allow you to mask a puncture, while not knowing the earrings.

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