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Paint the septum in Ukraine.

Septum piercing, unexpectedly bursting into fashion trends, continues to be among the hits of nose modification. His ability to focus attention on the lips, and not on the nasal septum, as some believe, turned out to be a necessary and sought-after option. Besides, Septum is just cool! The "identification sign" of married women in ancient India became a favorite piercing of European and American men.

Puncture of the septum (partition) of the nose

Salon clients are divided into those who are lucky and those who are not so lucky. The first category has a sufficient amount of fabric under the partition, into which the earring is inserted. Those who only have a thin skin have to pierce the cartilage. As you already understood, Septum is a puncture between the nostrils or the septum or the folds under it. The needle passes strictly horizontally and does not touch other parts of the nose.

Earrings for Septum

Decorated, due to its popularity, many were invented. First of all, these are clickers invented for this piercing. They are distinguished by a straight pin that penetrates into the hole and is fixed with a characteristic click.

The top includes all types of rings:

  • segmental;
  • with a ball (Ball Closure Ring, BCRs);
  • horseshoe-shaped earrings;
  • septal rings.

For creativity, you can buy a barbell for the septum. A micro barbell is suitable for concealed carry, and an ordinary barbell for shock.

Recently, this piercing began to be stretched to give it an unusual look or to make a septril. Therefore, various hards, circulars, and spirals have gained relevance. A nail stretcher looks great in the septum, acting as an excellent decoration and a way to stretch a puncture.

In fact, any piercing earring in the septum that protrudes from the nostrils above the upper lip is suitable.

It is easy and simple to buy jewelry for the septum in our online store. We offer models made of titanium and copper. steel of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. There are openwork, weightless products, earrings with scattered crystals and strict, unambiguous hards for serious piercers. Such different products combine excellent quality, low price and safety for human health.