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Nose tip piercing

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An unusual and funny nasal tip piercing is a successful and safe way to stand out from the crowd. At the very tip of your nose, a crystal or ball will sparkle, making this part of the face the focus of attention. Therefore, we call for caution: when the shape of the nose, its length or thickness leaves much to be desired, choose another place for piercing. Unlike extreme piercings, which are valuable as creativity, and septum, where the center of gravity is the lips, nasal tip piercing emphasizes the pros and cons of the nose exclusively.

Puncture of the tip of the nose

The procedure is simple. The needle goes from the inside of the nostril to the tip. No cartilage or partitions are broken, only soft tissues "suffer".

Jewelry for nasal tip piercing

You can buy an earring for piercing the tip of the nose in various ways:

  • Labret. Pay attention to the length of the leg so that it is enough. As a result, the ideal look of piercing the tip of the nose is obtained - only a twist in the center.
  • A small barbell. Here you need to choose such an ornament so that its lower part is completely hidden in the nostril, and not visible outside.

Any of these nose tip earrings can be purchased in our online store. In the catalog of jewelry for nose piercing, you can easily choose the desired decor, the appropriate length and diameter of the rod.