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Austin Bar / Nasallang

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Nose piercing Austin Bar and Nasallang are visually similar. They are united by the fact that you can buy decorations for Austin Bar and Nasallang only in one format - in the form of a bar. Moreover, even industrial bars are suitable if you want to shock others with your extravagance. This piercing does not involve concealed carry at all, so consider whether a barbell in your nose will interfere with your career or studies.

Piercing Austin Bar

The name piercing is in honor of its "author" - the person who first used this method of piercing the nose. It refers to the modification of the tip of the nose, because only the soft tissues above the septum are penetrated. The needle goes horizontally through the fleshy part of the tip of the nose (or a little higher, depending on the structure of this part of the face). Since the septum remains intact, the rod pin is invisible in the nose. This is how you can distinguish an Austin Bar piercing from a visual analogue.

Nasallang (nasallang/nasallang) piercing

Also applies to horizontal punctures, but much more complicated. It is usually located higher and deeper than the previous one. The piercing procedure consists of piercing both nostrils and the nasal septum. If you look into the nasal cavity, you can see the pin of the jewelry.

Buy earrings for Austin Bar and Nasallang

In all cases, it is a barbell. For Austin, it is usually shorter than for nasallang, but no one forbids you to insert a product of any length, the main thing is that it is light enough, otherwise the skin can stretch and the earring will sag a little.

Nasallang bar can be more massive and absolutely any length, even industrial is suitable, since the decoration "rests" on the cartilage (nasal septum), then no problems are expected. As for the configuration, only straight barbells are required, punches do not involve the curved shape and the use of bananas.

We advise you to buy jewelry (bars) for Nasallang, Austin Bar in our online boutique. We can offer you hundreds of models of barbells of any thickness and length, decorated with crystals, metal balls, original compositions. In the catalog you will see products made of titanium, medical steel, i.e. from those materials that have proven themselves perfectly in piercing earrings, thanks to their safety, resistance to any influences and hypoallergenicity. Given our low prices, you won't have to deny yourself anything!