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Navel Piercing Jewelry: Buy Stunning Earrings and Creative Bananas

To this day, disputes among historians do not subside: whether navel piercing is an ancient art or whether it arose only at the end of the 20th century. On the side of adepts of ancient origin - a photo of ancient Egyptian sculptures, where you can see decorations on the navel. The opinion of supporters of the "innovation" is supported by mummies that do not have any piercings.

In reality, navel piercing has become prestigious since the mid-90s of the last century. The legislators of fashion were famous pop divas and top models who demonstrated navel piercings and ego decorations in photos in glamorous, glossy magazines.

Navel piercing: decorations and prices

Due to the fact that this type of piercing belongs to the "concealed wearing" piercing, its popularity has almost been compared to ear piercing. Especially often schoolgirls decorate their navels in order to be able to show off in front of their friends, while avoiding the displeasure of teachers and parents. Although, recently, navel piercings have also become popular among young men, both in Europe and Ukraine.

Due to the great popularity and desire to buy a navel piercing by people of absolutely different age and gender, the number of decorated for this part of the body in our store is close to four hundred models.

Primarily, we offer navel piercings to buy from medical steel. But there is a huge amount decorated with titanium, bioplastic, acrylic and with zirconium spraying.

According to the shape and style of the earring, our navel piercing is divided into:

  • banana;
  • barbell;
  • ring;
  • with single or double decoration;
  • with suspension;
  • with stones;
  • with crystals;
  • with a geometric pattern;
  • sculptural composition;
  • ornament;
  • neon enamel;
  • monochrome;
  • iridescent or with a transition from color to color;
  • "gold";
  • "steel";
  • made in bright colors.

The list can be continued endlessly, so it is easier to look at the photo, find out the price and choose a suitable model of navel piercing.

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