List of categories

Abstractions, figurines, silhouettes

For fans of extraordinary jewelry for navel piercing, we have created a separate section of the catalog where you can buy unusual earrings. Here it is easy to find a banana with a decor in the form of a figurine or silhouette of an animal, a fairy-tale creature, a flower, or with a completely abstract composition. All the most unique, non-standard, provocative models for belly puncture are collected here.

Choosing an earring style

  • Are you a fan of romantic style? Then pick up decorations with flowers, floral ornaments. After all, you are a girl - a rose (forget-me-not, chamomile, etc.), that is, tender, airy and in need of protection.
  • For nymphet-style apologists, we have a chic selection of cats, bunnies, swans, etc. They will perfectly emphasize your youth, focus on the navel, which will distract from the eyes that can give out age.
  • Trend creative. We offer to buy a banana in the navel with abstraction. The more incomprehensible the decor, the better. Some of our models can be looked at for hours, filled with a special meaning, or just made fun of others. So a creative, creative person will find here a lot of interesting things for themselves.

Do not limit your imagination! Where else can you show it so brightly, if not in the purchase of an earring for a navel piercing! For our part, we made sure that the earrings are safe, hypoallergenic and inexpensive.